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"I Will Not Acquit The Guilty"
God spoke these words in Exodus 23:7 as He was listing all sorts of sundry laws that would apply to His subjects. All of the laws in the context deal with treating your fellow man fairly and with respect for him and his property. If people today could only learn these few laws and abide by them, our world would be a much better place and not be in need of more laws.
The quotation above suggests that God will not justify the sinner. He will not clear the wicked person as long as that person stays in their sins, also known as iniquities. Remember that our iniquities separate us from God (Isaiah 59:2), so as long as we have our sins, God will not approve of us or let us off the hook, so to speak (Nahum 1:3).
Many human doctrines in the world today outright dispute this passage and teach things that do not agree with what God has spoken.
The Universalists teach that everyone (good or bad) is going to be saved because of the love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus. In fact everyone will be saved whether they acknowledge God or not. Obviously, this doctrine is not supported by the Bible, neither does it agree with the Bible.
Others teach a type of uncommitted faith whereby all one has to do is speak a few select words, and they will be saved and go to heaven, and nothing will keep their soul out of heaven. Once again, this doctrine is not supported by scripture.
Notice the two previous doctrines remove all accountability of a person towards God. They expect God to save everyone regardless of how they live and behave. But that violates God's character that has been revealed throughout time. God has always held people accountable for their sins. Eve was the first to sin, and God did not overlook what she did; neither did he absolve Adam when he took the fruit from Eve and ate it.
False doctrines may sound good and appealing to humans and may allow them to continue in what God calls sin. Teachers of error are nothing more than Satan's tools to keep people out of heaven. The sad part is that many of them do not realize they are being used as pawns of Satan. Most of them feel secure in their faith and salvation. And Satan is just laughing at the gullibility of people as they live lives that God does not approve of.
Man may give them a pass, but God will not do it. God will not acquit the wicked sinner in any way.
The only hope for man is to repent of his wicked ways and seek the Lord to do His will. Faithful obedience to God's commands is the only way one can acquire salvation.
While many may scream that we are ignoring the grace of God, let us remind people that God's grace is twofold. God offers it freely, but man still has to accept it; and he accepts it by meeting the terms of the covenant.
Throughout the Bible the admonition is to get people to stop their sins, and live righteously. That is the only way salvation can occur. Nobody unwilling to cease or give up their sins will be allowed into heaven. That is the truth as revealed in the Bible, and if you do not like it, take it up with God.
By Carey Scott

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