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God Has Been High Jacked
Of course, we who believe in God know that this is not the case. The other night, I was driving through the countryside and did not have satellite radio. I was stuck with lots of options that I really did not like. I happened across a talk show, and the guest made an observation that is worthy of consideration. He said that the majority of the religious people have high jacked God for use in their own agendas. It seems that every cause has its own sort of righteousness as determined by the adherents of that cause.
The Bible is very specific about God and His demands of mankind. Every time God speaks, people are supposed to listen. As God instructed His prophets to speak to the people and give them warning and admonition, He gave them instruction to speak ONLY that which He told them. Do not add or do not leave anything out is an instruction that is still in force to this day. That will always be the case.
People find it convenient to use God rather than obey God. Where the Bible is specific as to how we are to use the authority of scripture, we find many ignoring Bible principles and adopting a theology that is foreign to the Bible. Sometimes this is prompted by culture and sometimes it is driven by greed. The health and wealth doctrine follows this agenda. More recently, we see that God's righteous cause is to bring justice to a young black man who was shot by the police. They have used people who claim to be reverends as their spokespersons. Such a title is forbidden in scripture. And you notice these so called reverends never use scripture or read out of the Bible. Yet they claim to be promoting a righteous cause. Yeah, right!
Romans 12:2 tells us that we as Christians are to not to conform to the world but transform ourselves into the character of Christ. All too often, people try to change God, and make Him conform to their political agenda or cause. Yes, most of the religious people who claim to follow Christ have taken this course. As Christians, our duty is to God first, and then we can work in other causes as lower priorities.
The Bible teaches that whoever does the will of God will be blessed. Those who abuse the scripture and twist the sacred word will suffer eternal destruction. 2 Peter 3:15-16 has Peter describing some of the writing of Paul which he called difficult to follow, and that some wrested the scripture to their own destruction. The sooner we realize that God does not change the better off we will be. Trying to make God conform to our image is not how it is supposed to be. We are the ones who must adapt toward God's standard. God will never change to please men or for any other reason. The most admirable duty is for man to obey God's will without question and do so by faith. An example of this is found in the homosexual community. For many years, they could not worship God because God was so cruel, but now they say that God has changed and they can now serve this God. Other groups have tried to bring themselves to legitimacy by claiming God to be on their side. News Flash! God only helps those who love and obey Him.
Many religious groups have molded God into something that is different from the Bible. They do this to make it more appealing to others and to make themselves into an acceptable group, even though their actions are condemned in the Bible. Do not allow God to be high jacked.
By Carey Scott

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