Tis the Season

Well, it's rolled around again. That special time of the year. That season to be jolly. Crowded stores; Santa Claus, Rudolph, & Frosty the Snowman; Bells that jingle, roasted chestnuts, hung stockings, decked halls, visions of sugarplums and many "dreaming of a white Christmas". A time for fond memories, reunions and family gatherings. A time for parties. A time for festivities.

As a matter of fact, my invitation to the company Christmas party invited those who were feeling "especially festive" to arrive early so that they could frequent the wet bar to their heart's content. An invitation to become intoxicated. Imagine that. "Ho, Ho, Ho, who wouldn't go?" . I haven't always made the right decisions. I have, however, learned some lessons the hard way. My decision not to attend this function wasn't difficult to reach.

This is a time of year when many Christians have to face decisions as to where they will will go and to consider activities that will be going on around them. I will grant you that it may be one thing to go and "get surprised" at the goings on, but it is quite another to fully know what to expect and still go, "laughing all the way".

Many of us receive those company party invitations and have mixed feelings as to whether we should go or not, but who among us believe that an atmosphere of drinking, dancing, and foul language is where we, as those professing Christ, belong? Who among us would not be more than a little embarrassed for the Lord to come back and find us enjoying ourselves in an environment that He has condemned? I'm not completely naïve. I know that many will go regardless of what they read here or in spite of what they know is really right. Some will argue that it is only "one night" or "once a year". Really? Where else would you go, or what else would you do only on "one night", or "once a year"? Some will argue that they can go because they don't intend on "participating". By and large these are the same folks that can go to casinos, but not gamble; Claim they can watch "R" rated movies without really "seeing" or "hearing" the "R" rated parts; Let their kids go to the prom if they promise not to dance, and so on. Some may make the argument that they can go and set a good example by abstaining from the sinful things going on around them. Now, I'm all for good examples. Who isn't? You really want to set a good example? Don't go! "Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16) The stand you take by refusing the invitation speaks louder than anything else you may do. Please don't deceive yourself. "Festive/Sinful" atmospheres can and will do nothing but dim your light.

Teddy Horton, Jonesboro, AR

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