Do you think most people tell the truth? Can you really take what they say at face value? Perhaps they are like the ancient Cretans. The word in Paul's day was that all "Cretans are liars, evil beasts, lazy, gluttons" (Titus 1:12).

It is through the tongue that all lies are communicated. That small part of the human body can make a huge impact. It can ruin one's reputation. It can destroy a friendship. It can cause never-ending heartache.

On the other hand, the tongue has the ability to give comfort and hope in time of sorrow. It can shine the bright light of saving truth into the life of someone wandering in spiritual darkness It can glorify God and lift up praise to Him.

We shouldn't be surprised, then, that Scripture repeatedly urges us to exercise great wisdom and care in how we use this small part of the body. Prov. 18:21 is not exaggerating when it warns us that "death and life are in the power of the tongue." David was not exaggerating when he denounced "men...whose teeth are spears and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword" (Psa. 57:4). James said that the tongue ccan be as destructive as a fire (Jas. 3:1-12). How great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire!

So how should this effect us? Let us use our tongues to speak good to others, build up one another, and glorify our Creator in prayer and praise.

How are you using your tongue? It is a two-sided coin. Only you can dicide to what end it will be used. -----

By Shane Williams in The Lilbourn Light, Vol. 13, No. 1, June, 2011.

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