We Are Honest Men

“Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men” Romans 12:17 (KJV)

While the great famine was wasting away the land of Egypt and Canaan, Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to purchase food for their survival. Joseph was in charge of selling the grain from the storehouses which the Egyptians gathered from the seven years of plentiful harvests before the seven dreadful years of famine occurred. So it was when he saw his brothers come to purchase grain, he acted as a stranger toward them in a rough way. He accused them of being spies and they declared to him that they were honest men and were there to buy food. So Joseph tested their sincerity and told them to bring their younger brother Benjamin back with them while Simeon stayed in prison. At their return home to Jacob in Canaan, they reported to their father Joseph’s demand. (Gen. 42:1-34)

Honest men will do what they say. You can rely on their word because they are true to them. Joseph would see this in his brothers when they came back with Benjamin. Honest men will do what is right. Joseph wanted to see his brother and commanded them to bring Benjamin to him. So that was what they did. A change indeed occurred within Joseph’s brother. With deceit, they had convinced their father Jacob that some wild beast had taken the life of his favorite son while the fact was Joseph was taken to Egypt as a servant. They were different now before their brother Joseph whom they had not recognized. They were honest men.

When God’s word is planted within a good heart it will produce good fruit, that is, a child of God. The increase God makes is always from honest hearts. Mt. 13:8. Are you honest? If you have not obeyed the gospel after coming to a proper understanding of what you must do to become a Christian, can you truly say you are an honest person? When people look at the gospel with an open mind having no preconceived or prejudiced notions and understand what God requires from them in order to have the remission of their sins, then they are better able to receive it and obey it. Why? Because they are honest!

- by Bob Tidwell via THE BEACON - Electronic Edition - 12/15/2009

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