Self Examination

Here are some suggestions for a spiritual examination (1 Cor. 11:28 and James 1:23):

1. Am I so CRITICAL that I see only a person's failures and not his/her good points?
2. Am I so CHILDISH that people must handle me gently lest I be offended?
3. Am I MATURE ENOUGH to handle hurts and disappointments without feeling mistreated and making everyone else miserable?
4. Do I HURT people while boasting, "I believe in saying what I think."
5. Can I be completely TRUSTED with confidential information?
6. Am I guilty of making SARCASTIC REMARKS about the success of others?
7. Am I big enough to admit when I am wrong, or do I seek to excuse myself by BLAMING OTHERS?
8. Do I excuse my sins while self-righteously CONDEMNING OTHERS?
9. Are others LIFTED, UPLIFTED AND ENCOURAGED through their association with me?
10. Do I follow after peace or do my words and actions PROMOTE LIFE?

--Via The Words of Truth, published by the church of Christ in Metropolis, IL

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