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We are surrounded by people who are lost in sin and destined to spend eternity in Hell. That is, of course, unless they can be reached with the saving power of the gospel (Romans 1:16).

There are, however, a number of issues making it harder and harder to reach lost people. For instance, our increasingly secular society has caused people to be much less interested in discussing religious topics. And, too, there is the difficulty caused by all the false teachers that are spreading their errors far and wide. We could also mention that the materialism of our prosperous times have blinded many to the realities of eternity.

But, one of the main problems we face is our own unwillingness to take the gospel to the lost. Too many Christians fear that others will be offended or ‘put off’ by any effort to share God’s truth with them. And so, since they might not respond favorably to our work, we do nothing. Think about it – we are willing to let others go to Hell because we don’t want to offend them with the gospel. Or, to put it another way, we are watching them head for Hell – but at least they are in a ‘good humor.’ How sad!

And, this unwillingness to reach out to the lost goes beyond the nameless masses in our communities. It also includes our closest friends, our nearest neighbors, and even our own beloved family members. How many parents, for example, will ignore and tacitly condone the immoral conduct of their children because they don’t want to alienate them or cause any friction in their relationships? How many Christians fail to speak up to warn their friends and neighbors because they don’t want to hurt their feelings with the truth about their lost condition?

Are we really willing to let these folks ‘go to Hell, in a good humor?’ Wouldn’t be better to risk a negative reaction now, instead of letting them be lost forever? Think!

*- by Greg Gwin*

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