General Articles by Bill Keller

I do not agree doctrinally with Bill Keller. He operates a non-denominational ministry out of Florida. His website, ministers to millions. Bill offers a daily devotional which I receive via the internet. Many of his thoughts are of such a nature that I am extremly impressed that he has the courage to speak such words to a broad mixture of faiths. I have chosen these devotionals because of the content, and not because of his salvation teaching (Faith Only, as best as I can describe it). If you choose to receive the daily devotional, you may enroll via his website. Bill has given me permission to use various articles on my website.(Carey Scott,webmaster)

The Ambush Being The Light Of This World
Death What About Cremation?
Those Who Reject Jesus Our Secret Sins
The Choice You Will Make Today A Higher Standard Of Living
God's Judgement On The United States Mental Illness And Depression
Explaining Why People Do Bad Things The Boldness Of Satan vs. The Meekness Of Most Christians
Denying Christ The Truth Shall Set Them Free
The Safety Of Our Salvation Fornication
Putting Your Troubles On Hold God Is Real Or He Is Not
The Next Attack On The United States Being Lazy
Making Your Relationship With Jesus Your Own A Believer In A Non-believing World
The "F" Word, Gay Marriage, And The Only True Answer To These Issues Leave It all On The Field
The Price Of Freedom, The Price Of Faith Standing For The TRUTH Of God's Word
Becoming More Like Jesus Giving Without Guilt
Being Equally Yoked The Kabbalah Cult
Dealing With Whatever Life Throws At You Read The Bible Cover to Cover
The Coming Persecution of Christians.....
The Church Of Anything Goes
  The drive to make homosexuality mainstream  Cheating Dishonors God
  The Battle With The Flesh   When A Christian Leader Falls
  Praying Even About The Little Things  The "Tomb Of Jesus" Lie
  No More Loyalty  "Respect The Beliefs Of Others"
Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You Women Are Sex Objects
The Wages Of Sin Is Death "What Happens In Las Vegas Stays In Las Vegas"
Death Is Part Of Our Human Experience A Friend Of The World Is An Enemy Of God
Competing For Christ The Bible Is Now "Hate Speech" In Canada
A Believer In A Non-Believing World Another Season Of The NFL

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