We have choices to make in every avenue of our lives. Our lives are determined by the choices we make. These choices are also called decisions. We have choices of doctors, dentists, stores, movies, clothes, and any and everything you can imagine.
Sometimes, the choice is so simple that it just boggles the mind how simple it is to make. Other choices are obvious winners for us, and we know some foolish choices are a bad idea.
Many of us who live in affluent societies have many choices to choose from that others do not have. For instance, look at our choice of grocery stores. Some small towns only have one store, and unless you are willing to travel to a larger town that offers multiple choices, you are stuck with this store. You pay whatever they charge, and that can be expensive. In a larger town, you have many choices of what kind of grocery store you will shop at. There are the high-end stores that charge more. There are the specialty stores that charge more for some things, and other things are cheaper. You have the discount stores that sell groceries and usually offer some of the best deals. You have your low-cost stores that offer some great values. You have ethnic stores that cater to particular groups that can offer some good deals on some basics.
You see how many choices we have and we are comfortable with those choices, because it all becomes our choice. We are not forced to deal with non-choices. We get comfortable with this type of choice because we can get what we want at the price we want to pay. It is all about "what I want".
Now as we make a spiritual application we can learn why so many people have difficulty choosing to go with God's plans. People have become used to having multiple choices. It is almost insulting to any of us that there are only two choices to make in the spiritual realm. We speak of Option A and Option B, while most people want to see what Option C is and if there are more options. There is no Option C.
God has given his people choices to make throughout history. We read about these choices that God has given in the Bible. God gave Adam and Eve two choices. Eat freely of every plant but do not eat of the tree in the midst of the garden. Yes they knew what specific tree that God was talking about. While Eve was looking upon the tree and wondering what the fruit might taste like, the serpent came along and told her she had an Option C. So it all began all those years ago.
Abraham was given a choice, and he made the right choice. Lot was given a choice, and he was not wise in his choice, and suffered because of the choice he made.
As Moses was preparing the people to enter the promised land, he constantly told them that they had a choice to make. Either serve God or face the consequences. Some of these choices were "choose life or choose death" (no Option C); "choose good or choose evil" (no Option C); "choose right or choose wrong" (no Option C).
Joshua told the people to make a choice by either serving the gods of the Egyptians, or the Canaanites, or the God who brought them into the land. Joshua declared he and his house will serve the Lord.
Ever since then, choices have been offered to mankind. Either serve God or face the consequences. I think people get perturbed by the fact that the options are either Option A or Option B because that is so limiting. That is why they are looking for Option C or D or E or F....
If we do not like our two options before us, we are going to look for Option C. The Bible tells us that there will be false teaches that will present option C or D or F, etc. And as we read in the scriptures, the people chose to follow the false teaches who gave them what they wanted.
While in this world we often have multiple choices in just about everything that effects our lives. When it comes to God and spiritual matters, there are only two choices. Romans 6:16 "Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone as slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or of obedience resulting in righteousness?"
When we make our decision on what we will be doing ourselves we have made the choice to either serve God or Satan. This choice may be as simple in your mind as "serve God or do not serve God". But in reality, you are choosing to serve God or Satan. When you choose to forsake the assembly of the local church you are making a choice to not abide by the command of God. When you behave like people of the world, you are declaring your attachment to the world, and by doing so, you are rejecting God. You may claim to be a Christian, but your behavior may tell a different story.
Be careful of your choices, because they do have eternal consequences.
By Carey Scott

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