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Perverse Public Restroom Laws

I am sure you are already sick of the Trans-Bathroom issue, but it is time to keep it real folks. My wife and I were discussing this most recent cultural insanity that allows biological men to use a woman's public restroom (and vice versa for that matter, as I don't hear much argument against a biological woman using a men's restroom). It was a good discussion.

Aside from the pressing moral concerns I have as a Christian (and they are huge concerns for the souls involved), let's acknowledge a few facts. I am not advocating for what I believe to be absolutely ludicrous laws and incredibly obtuse stances being taken to cram an agenda down the public throats of those who oppose it for various and sundry reasons (not all of which are genuinely spiritual in concern). Nor do I seek to live in a puritanical theocracy, as I already have a King and kingdom with which I am more than content. However, I firmly believe that if we, as Christians and humans, are going to make Biblical arguments or express moral outrage regarding these inane actions, let's not look ignorant doing so.

As long as there have been public restrooms (or bath houses, think ancient Rome), there have been people beholden to perverse ideas and actions sharing them with you. You have likely used the same public restroom as such a one this week. You just didn't know it, though they did. God save us from our own "don't ask, don't tell" ostrich-like mentality. Folks, the danger of a possibly perverse predator standing or sitting next to you in the public restroom has always existed. As a result of these newly minted and hotly contested laws, you might be able to easily identify a potentially perverse predator now. I say "potentially" because not all transgenders are predators, and those non-transgenders who are pretending to be transgender to prey upon people are not very smart criminals as they have marked themselves with a big red flag. I say "might be able to" because not all perverse predators will dress for the occasion. The "smart" ones will keep a low profile and hide their evil intentions. Public restrooms are as dangerous as they have always been. What has really changed on the public restroom front? Joe can now dress up as Josephine and use the woman's restroom. Better the devil you know, as they say.

By the way, there is nothing to fear from the dude dressed as a lady walking into a woman's restroom. It might be morally repugnant to you (and dare I say, should be morally repugnant). Such a one has raised a big red flag for you. Truthfully, you should always be cautious and prudent in a public restroom. Don't go in if you do not feel safe. Don't think that just because they are labeled "public" means they are actually safe. Don't send your kids in unsupervised. My "crazy" wife would send my preteen son (when he was far too old to drag into the ladies room) and put her foot in the door hollering every few moments, "You alright," "Wash your hands" and other such statements declaring her presence and vigilance. "I am right here," was her call to ward off predators and evil bathroom spirits. This, my friends, was not "crazy," but prudent. It may have caused severe emotional trauma and mental damage to our son, but he was safe. Admittedly, it was more difficult for me, as a dad, to bring my girls into a public restroom. Standing at the girl's room door hollering might seem quite perverse. Many places do not have family restrooms. Still, I never sent them into the women's restroom alone. They went together. There is safety in packs, folks. They looked out for one another while in there as I paid hyper-vigilant attention at the entrance/exit.

Nevertheless, safety is a rationale I can understand and get behind for women to go to the restroom in groups. Still, if Dad is out in public with one young daughter and has to send her alone into a public restroom, stand outside the restroom and call in to her loudly and proudly. You are a smart and prudent dad and deserve an award. She will be safe, because there is an insane, overly-protective dad yelling outside the door of the bathroom. Any perverse predator contemplating a criminal act will have no doubt that you would be in there in a moment if the situation demanded it, knowing that you are already a bit insane. Mission accomplished. It's okay for parents to be a bit "crazy" in this insane world when it comes to protecting their children.

On a similar note, I am deeply bothered by the highly effective desensitization campaign being waged upon our youth by Satan and his emissaries by pressing this same rule in public school restrooms and locker rooms. It creates a hostile environment for Christian youth. They are forced to acquiesce or face ridicule, shame or even punishment for hate or intolerance. If you would rather not have your child face these issues, homeschool them. If you can't homeschool them or feel this is over-sheltering them (it is not, in a home where real moral teaching resides, but you may still feel that way), prepare them. Equip them to face a morally bankrupt culture. Ready them for what they will face in life. Don't give them every sick and sordid detail. Break it down in terms they can handle, but don't leave them naive or allow others to indoctrinate your children moralities (or should I say, immoralities) in your absence. Make sure they know right from wrong and teach them to act right toward sinners. Don't leave your kids victims and let them become the prey of this immoral culture. They will have to live in this sin-sick world, so prepare them for it.

Furthermore, these are valuable lessons for young Christians to learn. Christian parents must teach their children that Bible morals are unpopular and that they will likely be persecuted when they take a stand or do not comply, conform or agree with the immoral status quo of this world. "It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth" (Lam. 3:27). Besides, it certainly makes church (where you assemble with those who are most likely to share your morals) a much more wonderful, comfortable and safe place. They should feel uncomfortable in a sin-sick world. Let's be wise as serpents as we strive to be harmless as doves while raising our kids and sojourning in this world.

Finally, let's acknowledge the most culturally unpopular and seemingly taboo aspect of this discussion - mental illness. Folks, regardless of what the world says, it is not perfectly natural or normal for a male son of Adam to "become" a female or a female daughter of Eve to "become" a male. They go through incredibly unnatural surgeries, treatments and many other efforts to make this gender transformation. Even if they emotionally or mentally "feel" they connect better with the opposite gender, they are now being reinforced with the belief that it is "normal" to "become" the other gender. Such reinforcement is not mentally healthy, but destructive. If a human thinks he is a goat, should we reinforce such thinking or try to help that person to think rightly? If a person "feels" that killing another person will make them happy, should we reinforce such thinking? If a pedophile is happier performing sexual acts on kids, and the kids are happy to comply (because they have naively been taught not to judge others, desensitized to the idea of engaging in sexual acts as a child and encouraged to be open and affirming on such matters), should we reinforce such perverse thinking? Such who privately or publicly cross-dress are living a delusion, and we are being told to reinforce it.

Folks, gender is not an emotional issue, it is a biological and genetic issue. Such who struggle and act out such "confusion" struggle with mental illness. This does not mean they are permanently damaged, it just means they need help and longsuffering as they struggle with their "confused" sense of reality. As God is my witness, I say this with absolutely no maliciousness or ill will in my heart. Instead, I say this with pity (which they probably do not want) and sympathy (as Satan has done a number on them). "Gender confusion" is a man-made problem. It is growing and perpetuating because agenda-driven men and woman are advocating and pushing it. Regardless of how many PhD's conspire to normalize it, it will never be something God ordained. Still, worldviews will always differ. Folks will see the world how they see it, right or wrong. Let's recognize the problem for what it is and not pretend like the issue is not what it is, all in the name of political correctness. Though my Christian worldview is being stomped on, illegalized and ridiculed so that another worldview can be exalted, I still must bear the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control - Gal. 5:22-23) as I strive to be the salt of the earth. Let's not pretend gender "confused" folks are not mentally and emotionally confused. Folks will still announce the gender of their newborn babies based on the anatomy they see in front of them, regardless of the pop-psychology of the day. Male is still male and female is still female, no matter what the "enlightened" thinkers and social engineers of this "Brave New World" want to call it.

By Jonathan Perz on Facebook, 4/23/2016

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