Everything In Its Place

We have heard this all our life. Usually when someone is doing something foolish by trying to put something where it does not belong. There are many ways we can take this discussion. In the work place the most frustrating thing for a boss is to find someone trying to do a job with an improper tool. Tools were designed to assist us, but if we grab the wrong tool, it does not help. In fact it hinders us in doing our job. So a common phrase we are getting used to is a place for everything and everything in its place.
When we use the right tool in the way it was designed to work, things go smoother. Some might try driving a nail with a pair of vice-grips. No, you use a hammer to drive a nail. Try changing a flat tire without the jack. Unless you are very creative, it is nearly impossible.
When we look at things that God has provided for us to use, it makes sense that to use them properly, it will be pleasing to Him. Some things in nature are well known common sense. You cannot get a crop to grow if you do not plant the seed. Some people take seeds and glue them to things and make crafts. Some take the seed, and process it to make flour or food. In the old testament days, God, through the prophet Haggai made this observation in chapter 2:19: "Is the seed still in the barn?" The Lord made the observation that the planting season was over, and the seed had not been sown, thus there will be no crop. Can you imagine a farmer buying seed, and then just storing it in the barn? No, that does not make sense.
God gave us seed for a reason, and we need to use it for the intended purpose. Another kind of seed is described in the Parables as representing the word of God. If we do not sow the word of God, how can it produce anything? So many people are afraid that their efforts will not lead anyone to salvation, so they give up. God does not care about the crop or the harvest as much as He wants us out there planting the seed of the gospel. God will give the increase, that is His job. Our job is to sow and spread the seed.
Other things need to be considered as a proper place for them to end up. Gods laws have been around since Adam and Eve. Some laws given to them, do not apply to us. And some laws given to us do not apply to them. Some try to confuse others when they take part of the old law and combine it with the new law. Acts 15 talks of the Judaisers who tried to combine Jewish tradition with Gentile salvation. The end result is that the Apostles reasoned that Gentiles were not required to follow Jewish law.
God has placed many things in this world, and people have abused these things and used the wrong tools. The marriage bed is where lawful sex is to take place, but people today ignore the marriage and go straight to the bed. This is what God calls fornication, and it is a sin. Some may try to add musical instruments into our worship to God. God said to sing, and nothing more.
So many other things could be mentioned here, but let us determine where God put things, to keep them in their rightful place, and let us use those things properly as God intended them to be used.

By Carey Scott

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