A Racist Will Not Go To Heaven
The title of this article has already caused controversy. In our world, it is politically incorrect to even mention the word "racist", and it is equally wrong in the opinion of many that mentioning heaven is taboo these days. Yet the writer feels that this information needs to be covered. The soul is more important than culture, feelings, and opinions. If someone is in danger of having to face eternal torment, it is the duty and responsibility of all Christians to warn them of their error and encourage them to turn to the Lord and live by His laws.
A 'racist" is not limited to one group of people. If you listen to the news media these days one might get the opinion that only white people are racist. In fact the very fact that they are white makes them racists. What foolishness. A racist is one who hates others because of the color of their skin. I know there is a lot of animosity towards the other races in all segments of our society. When you hear and see black people say things like kill white people, how can you say that is not racist? Racism does exist in our country and it is an ugly thing to see. I am sure we all wish we could gather around the campfire and sing kumbaya and our problem is solved. Well it is not going to be solved that way. There is only one way to solve the problem and governments or organizations are not going to fix it.
The only way to fix racism is to change the hearts of those involved. Get blacks to stop the hatred of the white person, and get whites to stop the hatred of the black person. I'm not even going to speak of the horrible way other races are treated. Oriental, Latino, middle-eastern all suffer such treatment. And this is not limited to the U.S.A. It has always been a problem, and unless God comes into the formula, it will always be a problem.
The Bible is full of scriptures that instruct the followers of God to love their neighbor, and that includes those who look different than you. We not only are to love our neighbor, we are to pursue peace with everyone we can. The writer says "pursue peace with all men"(Hebrews 12:14). One can do their best, but others may reject such attempts to bring about peace. Jesus tells us to love another, and the writings of the gospel make no distinction of color, gender, past religious affiliation, or economic status. The Bible even tells us to be kindly affectionate towards one another. A majority of these verses are written to Christians. And many will choose not to obey God, and that is the reason such animosity will continue.
If people will change their ways, repent of their sins, and do what God teaches them to do, our world would be the utopia that many only dream about.
If you have animosity towards those of another race, you may feel justified in promoting violence, and blaming, and all those things, but you will not get to go to heaven. Heaven is a place reserved for people who care about others and help others. Read Matthew 25. We have a picture of the great judgment scene. What we see is the standard of our judgment. It does not rest on doctrinal issues, but it resides in how we treat our fellow man. The pages of the Bible explain that more than anything else, how we treat others will determine our eternal destiny. Yes, one can go to church all their life, live a good moral lifestyle, and be a beacon of light to many in the community; but if they have hatred in their heart for anyone, they will be lost forever.
Over the years, many have become embittered about this issue. People are claiming to find racism in almost everything these days.
Perhaps many are extra sensitive in some areas. They claim racist intentions when no evil intentions were offered. Many in our media have shamed people into saying all sorts of stupid stuff. One college professor suggested all white people need to commit suicide. One black community leader said that a race war was needed. One woman said she chose not to have children because they might be born white.
Stop the foolishness, people. Begin to treat people like people. Do not look at black, white, red, brown, yellow, olive colored, or whatever color you want to put here. Treat all people equally. Treat them with respect. Treat them like a member of your race; the human race.
Until more people turn to God, and live the life God wants them to live, such foolishness will continue. Our nation needs a revival of the strongest sort.
By Carey Scott

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