Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus
This phrase is recorded in Hebrews 12:2.
It is preceded by the fact that we have a course laid out for us. The writer uses the analogy of a foot race. "let us run with endurance, the race set before us. Fixing our eyes on Jesus." This passage starts with the fact that faith is all so important. Chapter 11 has listed the strength of faith of so many. These many serve as a testimony of their faith, and should inspire us to try to achieve the same fervor in our faith as they had.
We do this by getting the world out of the way. When the passage reads: "let us also lay aside every encumbrance", it means we need to remove every obstacle that is in our way. Some versions render this word as weight. I don't think that sin is really the subject here because the next phrase in the verse says: "and the sin which so easily entangles us". These weights are things that may not be sin of themselves, but they can get in the way of serving the Lord. Things like work, family, recreation, eating, and so forth. All these are allowed by God, but we can abuse anything. So let us remove anything that gets in the way of serving God.
How do we do this? By fixing our eyes upon Jesus. Another way of saying this is to focus upon our goal. Jesus should be the ultimate goal for each of us. We are commanded to be like Him in suffering and example. We should be like Him in the fact that we have concern for peoples souls and will help them find salvation. While He died for their sins, we should be able to show people how to find the truth of God's word as spoken by Jesus.
When we have our focus upon the right goal, it is easier to not stray. Like on a race track there are lines for each runner to run in. You cross the line, and you get disqualified. You fix your eyes and goal upon Jesus, and we can win the race, and the prize that goes along with it. The crown of life is waiting for those who will run the race with endurance. This suggest a long distance race as opposed to a sprint. If we are in this race for the long haul, we had better keep our focus.
Have you fixed your eyes upon Jesus?

By Carey Scott 11/23/2010

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