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"Jesus Was Wrong"
How do we know? Because the world has been evolving and Jesus has not kept up with the times. I was listening to a talk show on the radio while driving, and one of the guests who claimed to be a "reverend" made the above claim. I was taken aback by this statement, but it really did not surprise me given the political climate in our world today.
While this person claimed to read the Bible, everything he was espousing was something that God has condemned in the Bible. He said that abortion was a woman's right to choose and the not yet born had no choice or God given rights to live. He said something to the effect that sex is a beautiful thing and almost went to the point of saying that God approved of pre and extra marital sex, although he would not encourage it.
Of course the radio topic was same sex marriage. This is a very hot issue right now with the Supreme Court looking at two challenges to the laws about same-sex marriage.
Jesus said that in the beginning God created male and female and gave the instruction that the male and female were to cohabit in a marriage (Matthew 19:4-6). Jesus gave further instructions that the two were to remain a couple for life, and anyone who did not respect this union would be guilty of sin and if un-repented of, would lead to eternal damnation. Perhaps that sounds harsh. Maybe we should say those who sin are heaven deficient.
One of the things at issue is the fact that churches will have no rights to believe that same-sex couples are living in sin, and that God does not approve of their lifestyle. That is really the issue. Most gay couples reject God and promote their choice in life. They want to live their way and are basically forcing you and me to tolerate such. Actually, they want you and me to join them in their sexually deviant behavior.
As Christians, we see this as gross immorality, but they apparently do not see anything wrong with what they are doing. When challenged about their lifestyle as compared to the Bible, their argument is that the writings of two thousand years ago are obsolete and do not apply anymore. This person I heard on the radio said that what Jesus said in His day may have been right for back then, but it is not right for today. There are plenty of passages that tell us God does not change, Jesus does not change, and the word will abide forever.
Whether same-sex marriage is legalized in this country really is not the point. We may not like it, but we will respect the law of the land and recognize the legal rights of these people. But that does not mean we will participate in something that is legalized by man. Abortion is legal, yet we see it for what is truly is: Murder. Drinking is legal, yet God disapproves of drunkenness or getting high or getting a "buzz". Even if same-sex marriages are legalized, those who are serious about their soul will abstain from such behavior and cease the sin if they have been involved in it.
God has never approved of same-sex marriage. He does not even approve of same-sex relationships. He does not approve of pre-marital sex, neither does He approve of extra-marital sex. Any sex outside of lawful (not human directed) marriage is an abomination to God. In other words, it is described as the worst kind of sin imaginable. We need to learn all that God has declared abominable and refrain from doing those things.
There are many excuses people use to promote their sin. One method is that they say they are born that way. So we must accept them. How long before pedophiles claim their sickness makes them that way, and we should allow adults to have relations with children?
Throughout the Bible, people guilty of homosexuality were punished by God in severe ways. Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them are evidence of God's hatred for that sin. The apostle Paul said that those who practice homosexuality will not enter the kingdom of heaven. The blunt term is that they are "going to hell". However if they care for their soul, they will cease the sin, acknowledge their sin, and they can be baptized for the remission of sins. And as long as they do not return to that lifestyle, but remain faithful to God, they can go to heaven.
God does not want anybody to be lost in hell. That is why God provided His Son to die upon the cross. It is so that we who believe in Jesus as the Son of God, and our Lord and King can be in a justified relationship with God.
To answer the person on the talk show: Our Lord does not change and His words are authoritative, and it is His words that will be our judge. Jesus was right because He was God, and God is perfect. Jesus is right because He has all authority in heaven and on earth. Let us listen to Jesus and not some man's "think so".
By Carey Scott

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