One Step Begins A Long Journey
Getting to a destination or meeting a goal always begins with a beginning. There are several things to consider when getting to a destination.
First of all, one must have a destination in mind before they begin their journey. I know that often we may decide to go out and eat and while driving many suggestions are offered and turned down, and in the end you usually wind up at some place that you have been before and perhaps you even order the exact same thing off the menu. To begin the journey one must first decide where the destination is, and where they are to begin. They must consider the route beforehand or they might be delayed or hindered in some way. This takes planning and depending on where you are going, it would require some preparation for the journey. External factors will determine what degree of preparation that you make. How far of a journey will factor into the preparation. The weather or potential of certain types of weather would dictate to take a sweater or heavy coat. How many stops you decide to make might cause you to stock up on snacks or decide to eat at restaurants along the way. You might also have to guess how much money you are going to need for food, lodging, gas, or even souvenirs. Despite the logistics of getting there the journey always begins with that one step that begins your journey.
Others who might have an industrious ambition start out small and work toward accomplishing great things. Bill Gates started out his business in his garage. A few have worked their way through the company ranks to get to a position of leadership and prominence. Either way they began their journey with that first step, and prepared and continued to prepare along the way. The successful ones also learned to adjust their course of action sometimes many times.
We must all realize that we are on that journey and we have already made that first step. We have taken chances along the way and for some it proved to be a failure and for some it was successful.
Spiritually speaking, everyone is on a journey. For most people the destination is unknown and they go through life without planning or preparing. Some people realize the potential of one destiny or another, and begin to consider their course of action to get where they want to go. However, as we recall the words of Jesus, there will be few that find the journey that leads to life everlasting. Those of us who are Christians began our journey in the past and we are working towards our ultimate destination with the proper preparation. Others have started that same journey, but have faltered and strayed from the proven path. There is an invitation song that reads: "only a step". That is all it takes to begin your journey with Christ. You either step out in the aisle to begin your walk with Jesus, or you make a conscious decision and let someone know. This journey, you are encouraged and assisted along the way. The other journeys we discussed we find those individuals doing it themselves to get to their desired location. Christians have Divine guidance to help them get to heaven. The Holy Spirit of God has moved men of the past to write God's words down for us to read. As we follow the instructions from the Holy Spirit, we can have confidence that God will be pleased and will welcome us into that eternal home. We are admonished to keep our eye on the goal in Hebrews 12:2 where it reads in part "Fixing our gaze upon Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith".
To all those who have begun this journey, we encourage you to hold the course without wavering, and if you have failed, please get back on course. If you have not started this journey, we can tell you there is no more important journey ever to be realized.

By Carey Scott

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