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Politics Vs Religion
In the coming months, people will be choosing sides. The choices we make will have an impact on our lives and the lives of our children and grand-children. While the Democrats have removed God from their platform, we also see that the mention of God in the Republican platform is nothing more than pandering for votes. While the Democrats feel that abortions are a right of th
e mothers, we also realize that the Republicans could have outlawed the practice numerous times they have had the control of congress, but they have not done so. I am still waiting for the Republicans to denounce same-sex marriage.
Recently it has come to the point that voting Democrat is anti-God and voting Republican is a vote for God. Both of those statements are wrong. While we are taught in Daniel 2 that God does control the affairs of men and appoints governments and those in power, we just cannot assume that God will bring about a positive choice this election. While God does bring people and governments to power, God also removes them from power as well. It appears that the events taking place in this country are a punishment from God. In times past, God punished the people in the hope they would realize their sins and determine to change course and start serving God. We are at that point in our country’s history. It is time to repent.
Christians need to learn that neither political party, nor any party shares Christian values. Like I said, the demonstration of Christian values is used for the purpose of securing votes. So do not vote Republican just because your spiritual leader tells you to. Each person must decide for themselves which candidate will best serve my interests and the interest of the American people at large. Do not vote Democrat just because the candidate has dark skin, or smiles a lot.
The very central verse of the entire Bible is Psalm 118:8. It is the middle verse in several translations and is very appropriate for us to remember. It says: “It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man”. What every Christian needs to realize is that one man nor should a group of men be trusted. Our trust should be in God, and not man. Only God can be counted on to keep His promises. Only God has the power to do what He says He will do. God’s ways are right and clean, and His law is perfect according to Psalm 19.
Christ is our King, and our utmost allegiance needs to be directed to Him. We get upset when people leave God out of the pledge of allegiance. It is getting to the point where our allegiance needs to be to God and not the flag of this nation. Not until we have a massive amount of people to give up their sins and start serving God. There are a few faithful Christians left in this country, which is probably the only reason it has not fallen into a dictatorship. But God’s patience will eventually wear out. We had better stand up for Jesus now before God chooses to end this country. As with any dictatorship, there is absolutely no freedom of religion. To align oneself with Jesus will most likely bring a punishment to be sure. We may have to follow the example of the Christian martyrs of times past. We may have to choose death before we succumb to the will of a dictator, and his controlling allies.
The good news is that we do not need to wait until the election to make the right choice. As Joshua of old said: “choose ye this day whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Joshua 24:15 As in the past, the fortunes of this country rest upon the decision of men to serve God or to reject Him. Only punishment and calamity are in store for rejection of God. May we seek God’s mercy which He is offering to each soul.
By Carey Scott

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