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The following are full text sermons. Some are mine and some are the work of others.

They are free to be used in proclaiming God's word and are available to the Bible student for their study.

Most every preacher will acknowledge that they get their sermon text, ideas, and thoughts from others and various sources. No preacher that I know of holds a copyright to any of their sermons. These have been proclaimed publicly, and further proclaimation is encouraged.

Use the material on these pages, and adapt them to your own style.

If you choose to quote the material, be sure to give the proper credit to the one who is responsible for it.


Audio Sermons and Powerpoint Presentations by Carey Scott

  1. The Misuse Of Scripture - by David Campbell
  2. How The Holy Spirit Speaks - by Wayne Greeson
  3. What We Must Show The World - by Steven Harper
  4. A Place Of Refuge - by Steven Harper
  5. Look At Yourself - by Steven Harper
  6. The Original Church Part 1 - by Steven Harper
  7. The Original Church Part 2 - by Steven Harper
  8. The Word That Brings Victory - by Steven Harper
  9. No Excuses - by Steven Harper
  10. Whose Fruit Is Influencing Us? - by Avery Hines
  11. Encouragement - by Dale Johnson
  12. Devout Christians - by Ronald Marsteller
  13. A Wise Request - by Ron Lehde
  14. An Old, Yet New Commandment - by Ron Lehde
  15. "And Judge Yourselves Unworthy Of Eternal Life" - by Ron Lehde
  16. "And Such Were Some Of You" - by Ron Lehde
  17. "For We Walk By Faith..." - by Ron Lehde
  18. "And They Laughed Him To Scorn" - by Ron Lehde
  19. Attitudes Which Hinder Or Prevent Spiritual Usefulness - by Ron Lehde
  20. Be Not Unequally Yoked With Unbelievers - by Ron Lehde
  21. Be On Guard - by Ron Lehde
  22. Be Strong In The Lord - by Ron Lehde
  23. Be Ye Not Foolish - by Ron Lehde
  24. Connected To Other Christians - by Ron Lehde
  25. Bearing Fruit - by Carey Scott from an outline by Joe R. Price
  26. Why I Left The Catholic Church - by David J. Riggs
  27. A Pattern of Apostacy - by Carey Scott off notes taken from a Larry Ray Hafley Sermon.
  28. Dancing With Wolves - by Carey Scott
  29. Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage - by Carey Scott
  30. "I AM" - by Carey Scott
  31. Faith Healing - by Carey Scott
  32. Fellowship With God And His People - by Carey Scott
  33. Counting The Cost Of Discipleship - by Carey Scott
  34. Spiritual Aerobics - by Carey Scott
  35. The Importance Of Obedience - by Carey Scott
  36. Authority And How To Determine It - by Carey Scott
  37. The Source Of Authority In Christianity - by Carey Scott
  38. The TRUTH Is Like A "Big-Mac" - by Carey Scott
  39. The Need For Landmarks - by Carey Scott
  40. Enemies Of The Cross - by Carey Scott
  41. The Kingdom - by Carey Scott
  42. The Walls Came Tumbling Down - by Carey Scott
  43. What God Has Separated - by Carey Scott
  44. The Right Way To Cover Sins - by Carey Scott off outline
  45. Parable Of The Dragnet (Matt 13) - by Carey Scott
  46. Parable Of The Tares (Matt 13) - by Carey Scott
  47. Two Short Parables (Matt 13) - by Carey Scott
  48. Parable Of The Great Supper (Luke 14) - by Carey Scott
  49. Why Did Uzzah Have To Die? - by Carey Scott
  50. Whom Do You Serve? - by Carey Scott
  51. Ask Your Preacher - by Carey Scott off tracts by W. Curtis Porter
  52. So You Say You Want To Grow - by Carey Scott
  53. Will You Deny Your Lord? - by Carey Scott
  54. What Is The BIBLE - by Carey Scott
  55. A Study Of The Word ALL - by Carey Scott
  56. A Study Of The Word ABIDE - by Carey Scott
  57. Why I Left The Baptist Church - by Grover Stevens
  58. Convience Or Conviction - by Ken E Thomas
  59. Faith Vs. Anxiety - by Ray Torres
  60. The Benevolent Work Of The Church - by Granville W.Tyler
  61. What Are We Lacking - by Wayne Walker
  62. Elitism - by Steve Wallace

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