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Is There A God? There Is A God.
Four little words that are arranged in a different order changes the meaning so much. While many are questioning the existence of God, others have been willing to die for their belief in that God.
Recently, the atheist put up a monument in a Florida courtyard right next to a monument of the "Ten Commandments". This has gained media attention and people were interviewed with many different responses. We should not be surprised that such is done. I am sure that now, many artists are trying to build monuments to homosexuality and do not be surprised if human/animal sexual monuments make their way upon the public display venues.
The word religion means basically, adhering to a system of faith. That describes an atheist to a "t". While the Bible teaches us that we need faith to believe in God, and that it gives us evidence of this God; we can have confidence that God exists because everything we see, do, touch, and experience are evidences of God.
The poor atheist also maintains a faith that basically denies everything he sees and experiences. In fact, it takes more faith to believe in a blind faith, than to believe in a faith that has evidence supporting it.
The evidence of faith is described in all areas of our existence. Scientifically speaking, everything the Bible says is true and supports or is confirmed by something scientists have learned, yet refuse to give God the credit. God said "Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind, with seed in them, on the earth, and it was so" (Genesis 1:11). Atheist do not spend a lot of time trying to figure where plant life came from. It really does not make sense to try to explain that it came from the same soup mix of chemicals that all other life came from because it is so different. They will not explain why a tomato seed will produce a tomato plant and nothing else. As much as the atheist would want the tomato plant to produce a corn plant, he also acknowledges that a tomato plant is all that will be. God one, Atheist zero. Putting up the atheist faith, the atheist also will remain zero while God remains true over and over again. Everything God has spoken has proven to be true. The prophecies of the Bible are always true and come to pass, with the exception of the ones yet to come. Even then, with such evidence and a proven track record, we must have the faith to believe that God's word is true and we must live by it.
There is the reason for the atheist belief. The atheist does not like the "thus saith the Lord" commands. These people wish that God does not exist. What God calls wickedness, they want to participate in. They do not like anyone telling them what to do or how to do it. In the end, the Bible teaches that every soul will appear before God and give account and face the eternal judgment of hell. Those who have faith in God and live according to His will, will be granted an eternal bliss in heaven.
I suggest that atheists do believe in hell and are not willing to acknowledge that there is a God. So they can put up whatever monuments they want in our world, but they cannot escape the punishment of the all-seeing, all-knowing God.
By Carey Scott

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