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Unity Is Not Found In Diversity
For many years, we have heard the cry calling for unity through diversity. The goal behind such statements calls for no one to be judgmental, but accepting of those who might be different. While it may seem noble on the surface to recognize our differences and find a way to still come together without problems, we need to see the motives behind such request.
The majority of those who promote unity through diversity usually are not willing to agree to a set standard of belief and behavior. Rather than agree to a set standard, they rather choose to follow the mantra "You do your thing and I will do mine". This is one way of saying, "I do not want to live by rules". Now to be honest, they still live by rules, but their own rules. Anyone who tries to impose or enforce rules upon them is not acting in the spirit of unity through diversity.
In the religious realm, some of us recognize the standard that God has imposed upon all men and revealed through the pages of the Bible. When we try to instruct all men that following God's word is the only way to be acceptable to God, problems begin. It comes from those not willing to obey God, but to do what is right in their own eyes. As a result, they have no problem accusing those to seek God's standard as being mean-spirited, fundamentalists, legalists, and binding where God has not bound. All lies to be sure, but effective with so many that it will cause them to back off and leave the conversation.
God speaking through the prophet Isaiah spoke to those who were rebellious toward Him. Isaiah 30:15 reads: "For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said, 'In repentance and rest you shall be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength,' but you were not willing". We learn that Israel of old knew what their problem was. They loved their sins so much, they were not willing to give them up, even while knowing that giving up their sins would bring great and tremendous blessings from God.
The same is true today. While most in the public eye are unwilling to claim the problem in our world is sin, they still know down deep that if people would turn to God and serve Him, they would become a people who were kind, loving, and benevolent. Yet people today like in the past are not willing to give up their sins. Oh, yes, they still want the blessings from God, but not at the price God requests of them.
In my recent hospital stay I saw firsthand what happens when people from diverse backgrounds rally around a common goal. There were staff and doctors from all over the world. There were many cultures which were represented by these people. But no matter ttheir differences, they laid them all aside to concenrate upon the welfare of the patients. Yes there is a lesson here.
We know the divide that is piercing our nation through many cultures and backgrounds. Some want to ease the tensions while others seem to ignite such tension. If we all had a single purpose, we would learn to set aside our differences and focus upon the goal. This may sound quirky, but that is what the Christians were asked to do in the Bible. Their common cause became the cause that Christ gave them to do. The salvation of souls was so important to them that they went everywhere preaching the word (Acts 8:4).
Turning to God is the only answer for our problems today. God reveals through His word that if we will humble ourselves before others, we will be acceptable to Him, and thus receive the ultimate reward of heaven. The politicians are not going to call the people to bow down before God. The entertainers are not going to do so. The news media will avoid the word "sin" at all costs. Even so-called conservative pundits avoid the use of such a word as "sin".
This nation's rejection of God will go down in history just like the Israel of old. It will cease to exist in its current form. I shudder to think of what our world will become when all decisions are based upon selfish human emotions rather than the principles that God set forth in His word. We are living in a world where self becomes its own god. We live where everyone does right in their own eyes. We live where no one wants to assume accountability for their actions.
How did we get here? In a way, it has always been around. It is called sin and worldliness. The degradation of society actually began when God was kicked out of our schools and courthouses. When it became socially acceptable to ridicule God and those who call for living by God's standards. When the churches turned their back on the Bible to preach a social gospel that downplayed sin, and failed to convict souls of sin.
By Carey Scott

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