Our Gospel Meeting WILL Be A Success
If we did not feel this way, what would be the point of having a meeting? There are several reasons why this meeting will be a success.
Our meeting will be a success because the word of God will be proclaimed. Anytime that God's word is proclaimed it is good. This word is like a seed that we read about in Matthew 13. The sower planted the seed everywhere and some of it fell in the right place. There is always the possibility that the seed will fall upon fertile ground and will produce the fruit of a faithful Christian. Hopefully our efforts will have prepared the soil to be fertile.
Our meeting will be a success because we will be encouraged. Not only will the preacher encourage us to remain faithful, perhaps he will motivate us to go out into our world and evangelize. Evangelism will work as God designed it by exposing people to the gospel message of Jesus and the cross.
Our meeting will be a success because we will help people get to heaven. Whether it be a new convert or a wayward member, our goal is to help everyone get to heaven. That everyone also includes each of us who are members. This is our job, and we should treat our job just like any other job, and we should put every effort into seeing this job succeed.
Our meeting will be a success because we need to hear the message proclaimed by a new voice. Our hearts will be uplifted and perhaps we will learn a thing or two that we never really considered before. This will happen if we open our hearts and ears to hear the message. It will be encouraging to hear a preacher who is not ashamed of the gospel to preach, knowing that he will go to other places and preach the same message.
Our meeting will be a success because we prayed about it. Publicly or privately, prayers have been offered to God that our visiting preacher be prepared and will boldly proclaim the message we NEED to hear, not just what we want to hear. We believe that God answers prayers if we ask according to His will. Praying for success in this meeting is within the realm of God's will. And it will be successful.
Our meeting will be a success because we have invited others to join us in hearing the gospel proclaimed. It is one of our joys to see brethren from other places supporting us in our meeting, and they will be happy to see us supporting their meetings. We are not in this business by ourselves. There are many brethren around the world that have a kindred spirit as our is, and they are interested in saving souls as well as we are. We also will make the effort to invite people from our community. We know this is important, and with all the turmoil in the world today, we know that people need to learn about God's ways. Our world would be a much better place if more people turned to doing things God's ways.
Yes, our meeting will be successful and will meet all the objectives mentioned here. But the most vital thing about this meeting to make it successful is YOU. You need to take these things to heart and apply them, and then we will have success.
By Carey Scott

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