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My Meditation All The Day
This phrase might recall your memory to Psalm 119:97. It reads: "Oh, How love I Thy Law; It is my meditation all the day". We do not talk like that any more. Yet there is a need to meditate upon God's laws all the day.
The first phrase declares the great love the author has for the law of God. Just reading through Psalm 119 is a challenge because it is so long, but take the time to read it, and you will see just how much the love of the law of God does for the author. We also need to love God's law so much that we immerse ourselves into its character and goodness. We need to feel that nothing in this world is comparable to God's laws, and remember that without God, life is vanity.
We know what it means to love something. Often we overuse the word to show love of banana pudding, our pets, our job, our families and so forth. Some people say that they love a good book to read. Yet how often is that book they read the "Good Book"? What this means is that we need to put a priority on reading and meditating on God's good book for the purpose of learning and then doing and then teaching the law of God. Take time to read Ezra 7:10.
How do we meditate all the day. This is not what we consider when we hear the word meditation. That word conjurs up an idea of a hippie on mushrooms, or some monk wearing a sheet in some monastery in some far off remote location. No the idea of meditation does not need to go any further than just thinking about God's laws.
First for the purpose of keeping God's laws because it is that law that will judge us in the end. Second we keep the law so that God will be pleased with us as we go about our daily activities. Third so that we can declare all the wonderful works of our God.
What can we do to meditate on God's word every day? It is quite simple. First we need to set up a time to actually read from the law. Without reading, we cannot know what is in it. Second we need to choose a concept or a particular verse or set of verses to read, study, and think about all the day as we go through our other normal routines.
Perhaps one could write a verse out on a piece of paper and pull it out several times a day and reference such verse. One could take the words and think about what they mean and if there is any application for the reader. Luckily, if it is the Bible you are studying, there is an application to be made. You just need to search it out for yourself. As you think about this verse, perhaps you might bring it up in a conversation with someone you come in contact. Maybe a co-worker, family member, friend, or class-mate. Who knows, they might have some insight to offer to help you understand the passage better for yourself. Yes there are people who do consider the Bible, yet do not live the lives it requires of them. Perhaps your love of God's law will inspire them to adopt a love for His laws as well.
Love God's law, live God's law, teach God's law; that is our duty.
By Carey Scott

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