Non-Bible Articles

(But worthy of thought )

[some just for fun]

  1. Where IS The Safest Place?
  2. The Day We Fired The Preacher
  3. Don't Mess With Seniors
  4. My Mother
  5. A Review Of The OT and NT as told by a child
  6. Just Another Brick In The Wall; conformity vs. Individuality In Today's Society
  7. The Doll And A White Rose
  8. Sixteen Dangerous Compounds In Tobacco
  9. Just A Penny
  10. The Apostles Company Profile
  11. Pray You Enough!
  12. Teacher learns a Lesson
  13. Charlton Heston’s Speech to the Harvard Law School Forum
  14. At The Theater
  15. Country Preacher Skips Church
  17. The Battleship And The Lighthouse
  18. Isn't It Strange!
  19. Church Football
  21. Actually Said In A Courtroom
  22. Considering The War Question
  23. Fifty Bucks
  24. Everybody, Anybody, Sombody, Nobody
  25. A Friend
  26. Emergency Phone Numbers
  27. If Troas Was In The Twenty-First Century!
  28. Bubba Bob
  29. Things My Mother Taught Me
  30. Things I've Learned
  31. The Guy's Rules
  32. The Arkansas Three Kick Rule
  33. Recall Notice
  34. Rules Of Chocolate
  35. Sad But True
  36. A Powerful Story About Speeding
  37. Childrens Answers To Bible Questions
  38. The Moral Of The Story
  39. Good Old WD-40, Who Knew?
  40. Quotes about "It Couldn't Be Done"
  41. A Really BAD Punch Line
  42. Inexperienced Chili Taster Visits Texas
  43. The Coyote Principle
  44. Having A Bad Day???
  45. Bible Related Quizzes
  46. The $100.00 Story
  47. Some Interesting Facts about Doctors and Guns
  48. Woman Arrested At Gas Station
  49. All Aboard
  50. The Prodigal Son (In the Key of F)
  51. The One Dollar Bill
  52. How To Avoid Being The Victim Of A Violent Crime
  53. Politically Correct Jokes About Dumb People
  54. Don't Rub On Lamps
  55. Thoughts To Ponder
  56. My Appetite Is My Shepherd (pound 23)
  57. Four Wives
  58. Four Boyfriends
  59. Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation
  60. Preamble To Each State's Constitution
  61. How A Mexican Holiday Came About
  62. Wife Missing In Bar Harbor, Maine
  63. A New School Prayer
  64. An Abortion Letter
  65. Top Ten Things You NEVER Hear In Church....
  66. Three Trees
  67. God Is Like...
  68. One Nation Under God -- The Forgetfulness of America
  69. Some Interesting Things about TEXAS
  70. Cancer And Prevention
  71. Meaning Of The Flag Drapped Coffin - And the Folding Of The American Flag
  72. Bubba: The Football Player (from Alabama)
  73. The Childrens Bible In A Nutshell
  74. Fresh Fish For Sale Today

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