The Way Of The World
The Bible is great at describing the faithful of God and is good for teaching us about the precepts of God and His commandments. The Bible is also pretty accurate when it describes the wicked of this world. In listening to the pundits of politics recently, it seems every one is aware of what the problems are in this country, but nobody is willing to bring it up. So I will. Sin is the problem in our country. People sin, and they enjoy their sin, and they promote their sin, and they don't like anybody who calls them what they are; SINNERS.
It is like the phrase that "nobody wants to mention the great big white elephant in the room, but continue to nit-pick any and every thing imaginable. That is anything other than the truth. Sin is a reproach on any people. It is always been curious to me why the "so-called" ungodly nations have stricter moral standards than our nation. Many nations prohibit many things that people in our country want to have. And since it is so profitable for someone, some things just go unnoticed. Last I heard, many drugs were still illegal, yet how many people get involved in drugs all the time?. Coming into this country without proper paperwork is illegal, but many cities have called themselves sanctuary cities, and ignore the laws that are on the books. When do we regular law-abiding citizens get the right to choose which laws to obey or not?
Talking about this does nothing more than frustrate us further. Immorality is destroying this country, and the people love it so much that they do not care that someday, we will be gathered up like cattle and treated like such. Then who will listen to the screams of rights and freedom? Sadly this wickedness will continue to get worse. We know this because the Bible tells us that the wicked will continue to be worse.
How does the Bible describe the wicked? In many ways. Psalm 10 describes them quite accurately. Psalm 12 also describes three conditions of the wicked.
v.2 "They speak falsehood to one another". Ever hear of honor among thieves? Well that is a farce. This speaks of people who are liars. A place in Hell is reserved for liars, and it will not be a small place. Many people are liars. Politicians, criminals, lawyers, government agents, and just the most wicked people you can imagine. Yet preachers and Sunday school teachers lie also. Maybe not all of them, but many of them do. How do they lie? By not telling the truth or not telling the whole truth about a subject that God has addressed. If we check the deeds we have done, we just might find that we are no better than they, because we have lied also. Perhaps often. To our kids, to our bosses, to our neighbors, to our fellow church members. Lying is deceit and if we deceive others into thinking we are good, when in effect we are not, we are hypocrites or to say it bluntly, LIARS.
In Psalm 12:3-4 it describes the boasting that these people do. Some lie and say they did something when they did not. They talk about the sin and immorality they practice even if they have not done it. But boast in sin, and are afraid to tell people that they are a moral person with Christian values.
The tongue is a dangerous thing as James 3 tells us. It is like a match that starts the forest fire. It is like the tiny rudder of a big ship that sends it into another direction. Controlling the tongue is one of life's greatest challenges.
In verse 4 comes the most biting charge from their own lips. "our lips are our own; who is lord over us?" Even though the Bible teaches in Jeremiah that it is not in man who walketh to direct his own steps, and that we should choose to follow God's direction, so many decide that they can steer their own course of action. They can live like they want to. They will not submit to anyone or any thing including any God that demands obedience. They will create their own gods that will keep a blind eye to immorality and wicked ways. They do not want anyone to tell them what God says in His word. It is so much easier to ban the Bible than to conform to its teachings.
But in the end, they will find out who the Lord is, and they will confess His name and bow their knees to Him. That is one destiny nobody will escape.
By Carey Scott

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