While it may be easy to grab an outline and run with it, it is also suggested that you study the outline before you preach it. You should modify the outline to your style of preaching. You must believe what you are preaching, otherwise there are people who will figure out that you do not know what you are talking about or that you do not believe what you are teaching. Finding and using things "easy to do" can be a hinderance to the development in others and yourself. Carey Scott


PowerPoint Sermons by Carey Scott (and others)


  1. Sermon Outlines By Carey Scott
    The Wrong Vessel To Travel On Water 
    Characteristics of the UNGODLY Challenges In Our Worship
    The Empty Pew Keeping Your Sanity In A Crazy World
    Accurately Handling The Word Of Truth - (two sermons) Servitude
    Sin Is Always Wrong Some Scary Passages Of Scripture
    Do We Really Serve God The Way God Wants To Be Served? (Malachi 3) The Way To Spiritual Strength
    No One Cares For My Soul The Beatitudes Of Revelation
    Let Your Light Shine Making A Difference
    The Roller-Coaster We Call Zeal Some Things God Does Not Know
    Building Up The Local Church Beginning A New Life
    GPS Finding The Right Church
    Godliness Reasons Why We Should Study And Read The Bible
    Compassion For The Lost The Right Way To Worship God
    You May Be Surprised I Hate Religion
    Christians Should Be... I/We Know

    Satan's Fleet(wrong vessels to travel on)

    Why People Fail God
    The Christian's Fleet Lighting The Fire Of Zeal
    Why Do We Assemble With The Saints? Knowing The Bible From Cover To Cover
    Hope: A Great Treasure Pilate Asked
    Liars Being Taught Of God
    Suffering For And With Christ Sound Doctrine
    Do Your Own Thing Trying To Get By
    The Accursed Of God  Making The Application (Part One)
    Making Prayer More Meaningful  Making The Application (Part Two)
    The Nature Of The Church (Part One)  Making The Application (Part Three)

    The Nature Of The Church (Part Two)

    Finding The Truth
    The Nature Of The Church (Part Three) Jesus Is
    Do You Really Care? Remember To Forget, Forget To Remember
    Teach Me Thy Way Sin And Punishment
    Spiritual Dropouts Stumbling Blocks
    The Sin Of Neglect How To Live The Abundant Life
    Are You Devoted In Your Discipleship? The Inspiration of Scripture
    The Christian's Movement There Are TWO:
    A Christian Has A Reason To Rejoice Seeking Perfection
    What It Means To Reject Christ Woe To Those Who Call Evil Good....
    Making A Difference Beware, Lest Thou Forget God
    The Blessings Of Obedience This Day Is A Day Of Good News
    Drawing Closer To God Why The Church Of Christ Is Different
    Salvation Is In Christ Blessings Come AFTER Obedience

    Requirements For Proclaiming The Word

    Are You Dependable To God?
    Our Blessings Are Precious How Important Is The Truth To You?
    When Doing Right Becomes Vanity Believing Lies And Being Lost
    Fellowship With God And His People (Part One) The Walls Came Tumbling Down
    Fellowship With God And His People (Part Two) Selfishness
    Who Is The Lord That I Should Obey Him Questions Answered About Hell

    A Pattern Of Apostasy (Part One)

    Spiritual Landmarks
    A Pattern Of Apostasy (Part Two) How To Be Right With God
    A Pattern Of Apostasy (Part Three) The Parable Of The Great Supper
    Encouragement The Parable Of The Tares
    Ask Two Short Parables
    Behold, I Have Played The Fool The Parable Of The Dragnet
    Qualified The Parable Of The Laborers
    What Will The Preacher Say At Your Funeral? The Parable Of The Talents
    "With All His Heart" The Parable Of The Rich Man And Lazarus
    Things That Are An Abomination To God The Parable Of The Beautiful Farm
    A Godly Family In An Ungodly World - Series of 7 lessons The Parable Of The Soils
    The Spiritual Anatomy Of A Christian Attitudes For Spiritual Growth
    The Grace Of God (as related to our salvation) The Peace Of God And How To Obtain It
    Some Benefits Of Being A Christian Jesus In The New Testament
    Jesus Suffered Longsuffering
    Strange Things In The Bible A Ready Mind
    The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah About This Question
    Why Do I Pray? Who Is A Christian?
    Understanding The Term "Fellowship". True Comfort
    The Steps Of Destruction False Comfort
    Keeping Our Focus On Jesus Comfort Doctrine--There Is No Hell
    Spiritual Blindness Comford Doctrine: It Does Not Matter What We Believe
    Jesus--Yes, The Church--No Comfort Doctrine: Once Saved, Always Saved
    Speaking As The Oracles Of God Temptations We All Face
    39 Personal Work Motivators Learning Dependance On God
    Justice The Best Is Yet To Be
    Psalm 37 The Parable: Wise and Foolish Builders
    Set The LORD In His Rightful Place The Need For Vision
    The Bible Is Unique Physically, Spiritually, How Is Your Health?
    A God Centered Life What Is The Church Of Christ All About?
    How The Elderly Can Bear Fruit For God Let's Talk About Satan
    What Is Our Attitude In Hearing God's Word? Faith And Works Are Necessary For Salvation (Part One)
    What The Bible Says About Authority In Religion Faith And Works Are Necessary For Salvation (Part Two)
    How Close Is God? Faith And Works Are Necessary For Salvation (Part Three)
    What Is Your Value? The Walk Of Unity
    Spiritual Growth #1 Spiritual Growth #2
    Spiritual Growth #3 Spiritual Growth #4
    Spiritual Growth #5 What Makes Christianity Great?
    Is It Always Wrong To Judge? Lessons Learned From Balaam
    Is Your Name Written In Heaven? What Does God Want?
    Some things To Consider Now That You Are A Christian What Is Your Standard Of Authority In Matters Of Religion?
    Why Christians Need To Be Different Psalm 51, Lessons To Be Learned
    Binding The Hands Of Jesus To Be Or Be Not
    What Did Jesus Do? Having Honesty With Knowing Ourselves
    The Assembly A Veil Lies Upon Their Heart
    Your Personal Bible Commands To Live By
    Do We Really Want To Be An Evangelistic Church? Be On Guard
    Let/Let Not//Let Us/Let Us Not What Can You Do To Build Up The Local Church
    Some Things We Cannot Escape The Way
    The Mission Of The Church Learning About Baptism From A Snake
    Keeping A Pure Conscience Learning About Baptism From A Captain
    Think On These Things (Philippians 4:8) Learning About Baptism From A Blind Man
    What The Devil Does Not Want You To Know Learning About Baptism
    "I Have Sinned" (Part One) (Part Two) The Glory Of God
    Who Is Jesus Christ? The Key To A Joyful Productive Life
    More Commands To Live By The Evil Of Gossip
    The Word Of Christ How We Are To Be Crucified
    Am I Losing My Relationship With GOD? The Sermon On The Mount
    The Call To Reach The Lost Are You Interested In The Lord's Work?
    Man Says, God Says Dealing With Discouragement
    Watch, a.k.a. Pay Attention Deliverance From An Evil Age
    Criteria To Determine The Right Church What Is Our Commitment Level To God?
    Commands To Live By (misc). Why Do We Need God?
    How Do We Get God's Approval? Dealing With Peer Pressure
    Are You A Navigator? Jonah Had Problems
    Some Important Things To Be Aware Of Protecting Our Christian Identity
    God's Design For The Local Church Prayer Is A Privilege (Long combined version)
    Why Do Christians Have Problems? Prayer Is A Privilege (Part One)
    Those That Win Souls Prayer Is A Privilege (Part Two)
    Does Pride Get In The Way Of Your Service? There Is A Reason God Commands Us To Love Others
    Where Do You Set Your Affections? (could be two sermons) Are You Comfortable In Your Christianity?
    Bearing Burdens Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ
    The New Covenant Observe Their Fruits
    Beware Of The Dogs "I Do Not Enjoy Church"
    "You Need To Be Taught Again" How You Can Do Great Things For God
    What Is Worship? Consider Your Ways
    What Is Scriptural Worship
    (Part One)
    (Part Two)(Part Three)
    What We Must Show The World (Part One) (Part Two) "By Your Words"
    "You Don't Have To Be Baptized" What Obedience Shows
    Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination? (A Series) Overcoming And Defeating Temptation
    Why Do We Need A Pattern? "Mind Your Own Business"
    Making Ourselves A Strange And Peculiar People Building Our Relationships With Others (A Series)
    How Can We Have The Power Of God Working In Us? Unity In The Church
    Do You Let Circumstances Control Your Life? Moral Issues Facing Christians
    Does Doctrine Really Matter? Jesus Said: "Follow Me"
    What Do We Know About The Grace of God? God Is Able
    Dancing With Wolves The Truth Is Like A Big Mac (Part One) (Part Two)
    Why Did Uzzah Have To Die? The Truth Is Like A Big Mac (Part Three) (Part Four)
    Some Things God Does Not Know Daily Christianity
    Walking With God Drawing Closer To God
    Bible Authority What Direction Are You Going?
    How Did Noah Build The Ark? Telling People About God
    What I Owe The Local Church Some Things You'll Never Do In Heaven
    We Are A Strange And Peculiar People It's Great To Be A Christian
    "My Shield And My Glory" The Christians Duty Toward Those Who Sin
    A Religion Of Convenience How To Live The Abundant Life
    The Greatest Privileges Are In Christ (Part One) Satan Is Busy
    The Greatest Privileges Are In Christ (Part Two) The Roller Coaster We Call Zeal
    Reaping What We Sow The Sins That Crucified The Savior
    Our Common Destiny God's Rules For Happy And Joyful Living
    One More Night With The Frogs Is Our Understanding Of Hell A Human Tradition?
    Keep Your Eye On The Goal Spiritual Dropouts
    How To Know If Our Worship Is Accepted of God Making The Right Choice In Life
    Will You Deny Your Lord Today? What Is The Matter With Me?
    A Transformed Life The Goodness And Severity Of God
    "We Want Our Hogs" Lessons Learned From 1 Samuel 15
    "Take Time To Be Holy" Little Words
    What The Bible Says About The Rapture "Consider Your Ways"
    Horseshoe Religion The Christian Life Is Possible
    Bearing Fruit For God (Part 1) (Part 2)

  1. Consequences - by David Acosta
  2. Confession - by Bruce Arnold
  3. Life's Changes - by David Arnold
  4. A Snake; A Captain; A Blind Man; & Baptism - by Donnie S. Barnes
  5. What Kind Of Servant Are You? - by Donnie S. Barnes
  6. Come With Me And See My Zeal For The Lord - by Terry Benton
  7. The Wretched Man: Is There Any Hope? - by Terry Benton
  8. Twelve Apologies To Mother - by Terry Benton
  9. Why I Want To Go To Heaven - by Terry Benton
  10. Excellence - by Terry Benton
  11. My Servant Caleb - by Terry Benton
  12. All Spiritual Blessings Are In Christ - by Terry Benton
  13. Satan Is Busy - by Dean Blackwell
  14. Here Am I, Send Someone Else - by Richard Boone
  15. Three Attributes Of Sound Doctrine - by Ed Bragwell Sr.
  16. Who Split The Log - by Larry Bunch
  17. Return To The Old Paths - by Randy Cavender
  18. Rahab, The Harlot - by Mike Cornwell
  19. My Part In The Local Church - by Mike Cox
  20. The Harvest - by Jack Critchfield
  21. Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage - by Jack Critchfield
  22. Weakness - by Gary DiMarco
  23. A Ready Defense: T.U.L.I.P. Calvinism - by Bryan Dockens
  24. A Promise To My Wife - By Bryan Dockens
  25. I Will Not Believe Unless: - by Bryan Dockens
  26. Paradoxes In The Life Of A Christian - by Bryan Dockens
  27. Transcendent Truths - by Bryan Dockens
  28. Words Not To Live By - by Bryan Dockens
  29. "Which Of These Three Do You Think Was Neighbor...?" - by Bryan Dockens
  30. Regarding A Festival - by Bryan Dockens
  31. A Certain Man Called Simon - by Bryan Dockens
  32. Prayer To JESUS Is Not Authorized - by Bryan Dockens
  33. Inside The Ark Of The Covenant - by Bryan Dockens
  34. "I Declare Unto You The Gospel" - by Bryan Dockens
  35. The Old Testament - by Bryan Dockens
  36. Christs Coming: Who When Where How Why - by Bryan Dockens
  37. The God Of Creation - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  38. "Unless Your Righteousnses Exceeds The Pharisees" - by Bryan Dockens
  39. The Foolishness Of God Is Wiser Than Men - by Bryan Dockens
  40. Gifts Of The Magi - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  41. Exemplary Qualities Of Satan - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  42. The Four States Of Man - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  43. You Ask And Do Not Receive - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  44. David - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  45. David & Bathsheba - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  46. Lawful & Helpful - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  47. The Altar Witness - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  48. The Five Loaves Of The Five Thousand - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  49. Three Trees - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  50. Figures Of The Church - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  51. No Sign Shall Be Given - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  52. Sadducees Say There is No Resurrection - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  53. Justice - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  54. You Keep Using That Word - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  55. Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  56. A Thousand Years As A Day - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  57. "By No Means" - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  58. Thomas And Jesus - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  59. Paradoxes Of The Gospel - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  60. Speak Truth, But... - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  61. How He Suffered - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  62. The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  63. About This Question - by Bryan Matthew Dockens (a good outline on establishing Bible Authority)
  64. First And Best - by Bryan Dockens
  65. High Court - by Bryan Dockens
  66. Abortion-The Wrong Choice - by John Duvall
  67. Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord? - by Zeke Flores
  68. Back To School - by Zeke Flores
  69. Devoted Discipleship - by Zeke Flores
  70. Reaching The Lost - by Zeke Flores
  71. Getting Out Of God's Way - by Zeke Flores
  72. The Devil Made Me Do It! - by Zeke Flores
  73. The Lord's Church--What's The Difference? - by Zeke Flores
  74. Prayer As Worship - by Zeke Flores
  75. We Will Never Forget - by Zeke Flores
  76. God's Kindness And Severity - by Zeke Flores
  77. Who Is Hurt By My Unfaithfulness? - by Zeke Flores
  78. What Drives You? - by Zeke Flores
  79. What Opened Eyes Saw - by Zeke Flores
  80. To Kill A Church - by Zeke Flores
  81. The Importance Of Visitation - by James H Fox
  82. A Simple Lesson On Marriage Divorce and Remarriage - by Dan Gatlin
  83. The Development Of Liberalism - by Bobby L. Graham
  84. Gambling Is Sinful - by Wayne Greeson
  85. Insufficient Standards Of Authority - by Wayne Greeson
  86. How The Holy Spirit Speaks To Us Today - by Wayne Greeson
  87. Who Does Your Religion Please? - by Wayne Greeson
  88. He Came To Himself - by Wayne Greeson
  89. Proper Worship Unto The Lord - by Wayne Greeson
  90. Defining Moments In A Life Of Faith - by Wayne Greeson
  91. Prayer - by Paul W.Good
  92. "Rejoice In The Lord Alway" - by Ron Halbrook
  93. The Great Battle For Souls - by Ron Halbrook
  94. Putting The Past In The Past - by Ron Halbrook
  95. First Principles Of The Gospel - by Ron Halbrook
  96. Fishing For Men - by Ron Halbrook
  97. The Death Of Christ - by Ron Halbrook
  98. Decisions Of Jesus - by Ron Halbrook
  99. Decisions Of Moses - by Ron Halbrook
  100. Are There Few That Be Saved? - By Gardner S. Hall
  101. The Problem With Grudges - by Harold Hancock
  102. "THE" Most Important Thing - by Brian Hawkins
  103. Zeal - by Brian Hawkins
  104. The Goodness And Severity Of God - by Jerry L. Henderson
  105. Gambling - by Jerry L. Henderson
  106. Types Of Followers - by Karl Hennecke
  107. The Great Judge - by Karl Hennecke
  108. Seven Reasons People Don't Obey God - by Matt Hennecke
  109. Thanksgiving - by David Holder
  110. Parable Of The Great Supper - by Johnny Hooks
  111. Parable Of The Master And The Servant - by Johnny Hooks
  112. The Bible Argues For Baptism - by Johnny Hooks
  113. Capital Punishment - by George Hutto
  114. Bring The Book - by George Hutto
  115. Selfishness - by Jarrod Jacobs
  116. Reaching Our Spiritual Potential - by Ancil Jenkins
  117. God Is Able - by Eric Jones
  118. The Poor In Spirit - by John L Kachelman Jr.
  119. The Second Death - by Gary C. Kerr
  120. Some Rules for Bible Study- by Dwight W. King
  121. All Spiritual Blessings In Christ - by Dwight W. King
  122. Representing the Kingdom of God - by Steve Klein
  123. The Tragedy Of Unbelief - by Victor Knowles
  124. A Wise Request - by Ron Lehde
  125. An Old, Yet New Commandment - by Ron Lehde
  126. "And Judge Yourselves Unworthy Of Eternal Life" - by Ron Lehde
  127. "And Such Were Some Of You" - by Ron Lehde
  128. "And They Laughed Him To Scorn" - by Ron Lehde
  129. Attitudes Which Hinder Or Prevent Spiritual Usefulness - by Ron Lehde
  130. Be Not Unequally Yoked With Unbelievers - by Ron Lehde
  131. Be On Guard - by Ron Lehde
  132. Be Strong In The Lord - by Ron Lehde
  133. Be Ye Not Foolish - by Ron Lehde
  134. Connected To Other Christians - by Ron Lehde
  135. Commitment To God - by Ethan Longhenry
  136. Saying And Doing - Ethan Longhenry
  137. The Spiritual House - by Ethan Longhenry
  138. Pressing On To The Goal - by Ethan Longhenry
  139. Growing Up Into Salvation - by Ethan Longhenry
  140. Standing Fast In The Lord - by Ethan Longhenry
  141. The Nature Of The Church: The Church As A Body - by Ethan Longhenry
  142. How To Pray - by Ethan Longhenry
  143. Do You Love The Lord More? - by Bryan Loughmiller
  144. Our Present Sufferings Are Only Temporal - by Isaac Manyike
  145. At The Judgment Bar Of God - by R.W.McAlister
  146. Day By Day Christianity - by Tim Mize
  147. Heaven and Why I Want To Go There - by Oliver Murray
  148. Fellowship With God - by Chris Peltz
  149. Eight Signs In The Gospel Of John - by Kyle Pope
  150. Who Is A False Teacher? - by Joe R. Price
  151. Marks Of Unity - by Joe R. Price
  152. Growing To Maturity - by Joe R. Price
  153. Our Ways Of Escape - by Joe R. Price
  154. God's People Are Caring People- by Joe R. Price
  155. Are You Waiting For Jesus Or Just Passing Time? - by John Quinn
  156. Rekindling The Fire - by Robert Raif
  157. Can I Trust The Bible - by Robert Raif
  158. We Persuade Men - by Robert Raif
  159. Buy The Truth Sell It Not - by Robert Raif
  160. Salt Of The Earth Light Of The World - by Robert Raif
  161. A Separate People - by Robert Raif
  162. The Sin Of Achan - by Robert Raif
  163. Kinds Of Worship - submitted by Atinkum Rawlings
  164. Salvation By Faith Only - by Eric Reed
  165. Alcohol And Drugs - by Bill Reeves
  166. The First-Day-Of-The-Week Collection - by Bill Reeves
  167. God's Watchman - by Chris Reeves
  168. Psalms 23 - A New Look - by Ney Reiber
  169. Sum Or Some? - by Michael W Rhodes
  170. Inspiration of the Bible - by Michael W Rhodes
  171. Why Be A Christian? - by David Riggs
  172. A Wise Request - by David Riggs
  173. Bearing Fruit For God - by Stan H Roadman
  174. In Christ - by Terry Sanders
  175. Precious Blessings- by Jim Sasser
  176. Go Away For Now - by Jim Sasser
  177. All things work together for good - by Jim Sasser
  178. What Is In Thy Hand - by Jim Sasser
  179. Are There Some Things God Cannot Do? - by Jim Sasser
  180. God Honors Man - by Jim Sasser
  181. The Point Of Obedience Or Disobedience - by Jim Sasser
  182. The Comprehensiveness of both Grace and Faith - by Jim Sasser
  183. Had We Been There? - by Jim Sasser
  184. What Is Your Goal? - by Jim Sasser
  185. Things That Are Vain - by Jim Sasser
  186. Dishonesty - by Jim Sasser
  187. What About Stumbling - by Jim Sasser
  188. The Way, The Truth, The Life - by Jim Sasser
  189. "May I" or "Must I"? - by Jim Sasser
  190. Believe on the Lord Acts 16:31 - by Jim Sasser
  191. The Christian And His Temptations - by Jim Sasser
  192. Our Attitude - by Jim Sasser
  193. The Greatest Privileges - by Jim Sasser
  194. Man Is Like A Pencil - by Jim Sasser
  195. Qualifications Of Preachers - by Jim Sasser
  196. Parents, What Will You Leave Your Children? - by Jim Sasser
  197. United With Christ At Baptism - by Jim Sasser
  198. "All Things...." by Jim Sasser
  199. "The Death Of The Righteous" - by Jim Sasser
  200. It's Great To Be A Christian - by Jim Sasser
  201. We Can Understand The Bible - by Jim Sasser
  202. Am I My Brother's Keeper - by Jim Sasser
  203. Letters To The Seven Churches Of Asia - by Jim Sasser
  204. Man's Three-fold Duty To God - by Jim Sasser
  205. Who Wrote The Bible - by Jim Sasser
  206. Some Causes Of Religious Error - by Jim Sasser
  207. Shall We Gather At The River - by Jim Sasser
  208. The Book Of Esther - by Jim Sasser
  209. The Ark And The Church - by Jim Sasser
  210. "Whatsoever He Saith To You, Do It" - by Jim Sasser
  211. Do You Love The Truth? - by Jim Sasser
  213. Are We Sound? - by Jim Sasser
  214. "The Race Set Before Us" - by Jim Sasser
  215. Profitable Preaching - by Jim Sasser
  216. Brotherly Love - by Jim Sasser
  217. Joshua 22 - by Jim Sasser
  218. I Have Overcome The World - by Jim Sasser
  219. Full Grown Christians - by Jim Sasser
  221. Go Teach All Nations..(Bible Class Authority) - by Jim Sasser
  222. Certain Doom Of Those Who Love Not The Lord - by Jim Sasser
  223. "The Hand Of God Was Upon Him" - by Jim Sasser
  224. Reaction To God's Truth - by Jim Sasser
  225. Is There A Burning Hell? - by Jim Sasser
  226. "Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision" - by Jim Sasser
  227. The Gods That Men Serve - by Jim Sasser
  229. Counting The Cost - by Jim Sasser
  230. Be Thou An Example - by Jim Sasser
  231. "Hear Ye Him" - by Jim Sasser
  232. Evidence Of The Divine Authority Of The Bible - by Jim Sasser
  233. The Books - by Jim Sasser
  234. The Center Of The Christian's Life - by Jim Sasser
  235. Do You Want To Understand The Truth? - by Jim Sasser
  236. How Are Your Eyes? - by Jim Sasser
  237. If Christ had not come - by Jim Sasser
  238. Going Away From The Lord - by Jim Sasser
  239. The Grace Relative To The Commands Of God - by Jim Sasser
  240. "He Who Does The Will Of My Father" - by Jim Sasser
  241. Godliness - by Jim Sasser
  242. The Conversion Of The Ethiopian Eunuch - by Jim Sasser
  243. The Good News -- Faith - by Jim Sasser
  244. The Greatest Things Of Man - by Jim Sasser
  245. Joel - by Jim Sasser
  246. BEWARE - by Jim Sasser
  247. God's Grace - by Jim Sasser
  248. Burden Bearing - by Jim Sasser
  249. A Blessing Or A Curse - by Jim Sasser
  250. Faith Plus Doing Equals Salvation - by Jim Sasser
  251. Dangerous Nations Among Us - by Jim Sasser
  252. Truth And Consequences - by Jim Sasser
  253. God's Revelation And Man's Response - by Jim Sasser
  254. Behold, I Have Played The Fool - by Jim Sasser
  255. The Sin Of Neglect - by Jim Sasser
  256. Excuses For Not Obeying The Gospel - by Jim Sasser
  257. Faith In Action - by Jim Sasser
  258. The Fallen Christian's Law Of Pardon - by Jim Sasser
  259. Christ-The Answer To Prophecy - by Jim Sasser
  260. Are You Taught By Grace? - by Jim Sasser
  261. Jesus - by Jim Sasser
  262. You And Your Influence - by Jim Sasser
  263. What About Your Example And Influence - by Jim Sasser
  264. We Want Our Hogs - by Jim Sasser
  265. Following In The Steps Of Christ - by Jim Sasser
  266. A Neglected Question - by Jim Sasser
  267. Can You Make Up Your Mind - by Jim Sasser
  268. We Should Encourage Others To Do God's Will - by Jim Sasser
  269. Coveteousness - by Jim Sasser
  270. On Which Foundation Are You Building? - by Jim Sasser
  271. Ones Attitude Toward Authority In Religion - by Jim Sasser
  272. The Proper Attutide - by Jim Sasser
  273. The Foolishness Of Preaching - by Jim Sasser
  274. Weighed In The Balances Of God - by Jim Sasser
  275. Will The Prayer Of Jesus Be Answered? - by Jim Sasser
  276. Undenominational Christianity - by Jim Sasser
  277. Do You Know Your ABC's #1 - by Jim Sasser
  278. Do You Know Your ABC's #2 - by Jim Sasser
  279. The Prodigal's Father - by Jim Sasser
  280. Horseshoe Religion - by Jim Sasser
  281. Is Heaven Your Goal? - by Jim Sasser
  282. Some Thoughts About Cornelius - by Jim Sasser
  283. Born Of Water And The Spirit - by Jim Sasser
  284. Dragging Your Feet Can Wear Out Your Soul - by Jim Sasser
  285. Why Seek The Lost? - by Jim Sasser
  286. Can The Lord Depend On You? - by Jim Sasser
  287. MAN'S ORIGIN, MISSION and DESTINY - by Jim Sasser
  288. Spiritual Dropouts - by Jim Sasser
  289. The Completeness Of Revelation - by Jim Sasser
  290. "Where Art Thou?" - by Jim Sasser
  291. Jesus Will Give Peace - by Jim Sasser
  292. Missionary Societies And Sponsoring Churches - by Jim Sasser
  293. Things New In The Bible - by Jim Sasser
  294. What Are The Bounds Of Christian Liberty? - by Jim Sasser
  295. Conformed - Informed - Transformed - by Jim Sasser
  296. If I Were The Devil - by Jim Sasser
  297. Are You Sure That You Are A Christian? - by Jim Sasser
  298. Two Covenants Contrasted - by Jim Sasser
  299. Love - by Jim Sasser
  300. When I Survey The Wonderous Cross - by Jim Sasser
  301. There They Crucified Him - by Jim Sasser
  302. Making Void The Cross Of Christ - by Jim Sasser
  303. The Way Of The Cross - by Jim Sasser
  304. Does Your Religion Cost You Anything? - by Jim Sasser
  305. The Challenge Of The Gospel - by Jim Sasser
  306. Making Choices - by Jim Sasser
  307. Christians Are To Be Like Salt And Light - by Jim Sasser
  308. No Room For Compromise Or Consession - by Jim Sasser
  309. "Behold I Thought" - by Jim Sasser
  310. The Purpose Of Baptism - by Jim Sasser
  311. The Christian And The Bible - by Jim Sasser
  312. Clouds - by Jim Sasser
  313. Let Us Take Time To Consider - by Jim Sasser
  314. Barnabas: A Good Man - by Jim Sasser
  315. Preaching God's Word - by Jim Sasser
  316. Drinking From Broken Cisterns - by Jim Sasser
  317. SETTLED IN HEAVEN - by Jim Sasser
  318. It Is Encouraging - by Jim Sasser
  319. What Is The Life Of A Christian? - by Jim Sasser
  320. We Have Come To Have A Demonstration - by Jim Sasser
  321. The Doctrines of Men vs The Doctrine Of God - by Jim Sasser
  322. Believing Lies And Being Lost - by Jim Sasser
  323. The Dividing Line - by Jim Sasser
  324. To Be Or Not To Be - by Jim Sasser
  325. Things We Need To Help Us Live Better - by Jim Sasser
  326. Some Impossible Things - by Jim Sasser
  327. Apathy#1: A problem confronting Christians - by Jim Sasser
  328. Apathy#2: A problem confronting Christians - by Jim Sasser
  329. Amos - by Jim Sasser
  330. They Would Not Confess Him - by Jim Sasser
  331. Some Things We All Have In Common: - by Jim Sasser
  332. Confession - by Jim Sasser
  333. Beware The Leaven Of The Pharisees And Sadducees - by Jim Sasser
  334. Preach The Word - by Jim Sasser
  335. The Point Of Obedience Or Disobedience - by Jim Sasser
  336. Call And Find Out - by Jim Sasser
  337. Assembling For Worship - by Jim Sasser
  338. Why Can't I Convert My Neighbor - by Jim Sasser
  339. Priorities - by Jim Sasser
  340. A Lesson From Proverbs On Family Life - by Jim Sasser
  341. The Man Who Prays - by Jim Sasser
  342. It Is Our Aim - by Jim Sasser
  343. Put On The WHOLE Armor Of God - by Jim Sasser
  344. The Sin Of Achan - by Jim Sasser
  345. Buy The Truth And Sell It Not - by Jim Sasser
  346. Four Gospel Accounts - by Jim Sasser
  347. Is Your Religion A Matter Of Convience Or Conviction - by Jim Sasser
  348. Blessed Assurance - by Jim Sasser
  349. Rescue The Perishing - by Jim Sasser
  350. Am I In The Place Of God? - by Jim Sasser
  351. Devices Of The Human Heart - by Jim Sasser
  352. Who's Authority? - by Jim Sasser
  353. Full Acceptance - by Jim Sasser
  354. Paradoxes Of The Cross - by Jim Sasser
  355. A Recommendation - by Jim Sasser
  356. The Love Of Christ Constraineth Us - by Jim Sasser
  357. Factors Of Salvation - by Jim Sasser
  358. Individual Responsibility - by Jim Sasser
  359. The Elements Of The Gospel - by Jim Sasser
  360. Flee, Follow, Fight, Hold On - by Jim Sasser
  361. The Four Anchors Of Life - by Jim Sasser
  362. Nautical Images From God's Word - by Jim Sasser
  363. The Christian's Fleet - by Jim Sasser
  364. Sailing On The Ship Of Zion - by Jim Sasser
  365. Sin - by Jim Sasser
  366. Do Your Own Thing - by Jim Sasser
  367. Truth - by Jim Sasser
  368. All Set - by Jim Sasser
  369. Why Few Enter The Narrow Way - by Jim Sasser
  370. Attitudes And Information - by Jim Sasser
  371. We Have Found The Christ - by Jim Sasser
  372. If Our Gospel Is Veiled - by Jim Sasser
  373. The Saddest Day For Any Church - by Jim Sasser
  374. Pride Leads To Sinful Practices - by Jim Sasser
  375. Why One Refuses To Come To Christ - by Jim Sasser
  376. What They Could Have Preached - by Jim Sasser
  377. The Great Salvation - by Jim Sasser
  378. Judas - by Jim Sasser
  379. Christianity Is A Systematic Process - by Jim Sasser
  380. A Full Life - by Jim Sasser
  381. Speak Where The Bible Speaks - by Jim Sasser
  382. Almost Persuaded - by Jim Sasser
  383. Who Is The Lord That I Should Obey His Voice? - by Jim Sasser
  384. Jereboam And A Human Religion - by Jim Sasser
  385. It Is Possible To Live A Christian Life - by Jim Sasser
  386. The Chastisement Of Our Peace - by Jim Sasser
  387. David, A Man After God's Own Heart - by Jim Sasser
  388. The Christian And Giving- by Jim Sasser
  389. If I Be Lifted Up - by Jim Sasser
  390. "So Speak Ye, And So Do" - by Jim Sasser
  391. Hindering The Work Of God - by Jim Sasser
  392. The Righteousness Of God - by Jim Sasser
  393. What It Means To Reject Christ - by Jim Sasser
  394. Repentance - by Jim Sasser
  395. Look Up And Live - by Jim Sasser
  396. "Render Unto Caesar" - by Jim Sasser
  397. True Riches - by Jim Sasser
  398. The Hope Of Modernism - by Jim Sasser
  399. Studying The Word Of God - by Jim Sasser
  400. Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth - by Jim Sasser
  401. Four Great Reasons For Our Faith - by Jim Sasser
  402. The Night Cometh - by Jim Sasser
  404. Why Do You Gossip? - by Whit Sasser
  405. The Great Controversy - by Joe Scarborough
  406. It Is Good For Us To Be Here - by Joe Scarborough
  407. God Hath Spoken - by Joe Scarborough
  408. Trying To Help God - by Joe Scarborough
  409. I Will Follow, But... - by Joe Scarborough
  410. As A Little Child - by Joe Scarborough
  411. The Sin Of Fault-Finding - by Joe Scarborough
  412. The Glory Of Genesis - by Grady Scott
  413. The Walk Of Unity - by Grady Scott
  414. What Makes An Evangelistic Congregation - by Grady Scott
  415. How To Study The Bible - by William C. Sexton
  416. The Tree Of Life - by Derrel Shaw
  417. Sobering Certainties - by Derrel Shaw
  418. Is Your Name Written In Heaven - by Fred Shewmaker
  419. Great Things For God - by Max Shearer
  420. Compromising With The Devil - by Allen Shepherd
  421. Shepherds For The Flock - by Jeff Smith
  422. Bible Authority - by Jeff S. Smith
  423. Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All - by John Smith
  424. What Will It Take For God To Continue To Bless America - by John Smith
  425. The Prodigal Son - by Dudley Ross Spears
  426. Remember You Were Slaves - by Sam Stinson
  427. Five Reasons It Is Better To Die In The Lord - by Sam Stinson
  428. Hallelujah Living - by Victor Studdard
  429. The Truth Is Power - by Victor Studdard
  430. Prayer - by Victor Studdard
  431. Did God Really Mean That? - by Gerald W. Sutton
  432. Do You Believe The Bible? - by Gerald W. Sutton
  433. You And I - by Gerald W. Sutton
  434. Four Steps To Apostasy - by Richie Thetford
  435. Five Great Facts Of Life - by Craig V. Thomas
  436. What Are You Seeking? - by Craig Thomas
  437. The Lord's Church Is: - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  438. Some Things Walking In God Involves - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  439. Living A Converted Life - by Donald Townsley
  440. What Is Wrong With Instrumental Music In Worship? - by Donald Townsley
  441. Restore Unto Me The Joy Of Thy Salvation - by Donald Townsley
  442. Calling On The Name Of The Lord - by Donald Townsley
  443. The Judgment To Come - by Donald Townsley
  444. God's Plumb-Line - by Donald Townsley
  445. How To Destroy Or Tear Down The Church - by Donald Townsley
  446. Making God In Man's Image - by Donald Townsley
  447. Walking in Knowledge of God - by Jimmy Tuten
  448. Walking in Knowledge of God #2 - by Jimmy Tuten
  449. The Godly Mother - by Unknown Author
  450. "I Must Be About My Father's Business" - by Unknown Author
  451. Finished At Calvary - by Unknown Author
  452. Lasciviousness - by Unknown Author
  453. Walking In The Light - by Unknown Author
  454. Evangelism: Recovering The Essence - by Unknown Author
  455. Things We Must Have To Be Of Value In The Lord's Work! - by Unknown Author
  456. Is Worship Worship? - by Unknown Author
  457. Abounding In The Work Of The Lord - by Unknown Author
  458. What Are Our Priorities? - by Unknown Author
  459. How Can I Become A Better Christian - by Unknown Author
  460. The Unchanging Christ In A Changing World - by Unknown Author
  461. The Armor Of God - by Wayne Walker
  462. Saving The Lost With Jesus - by Wayne Walker
  463. Men Have Perverted The Gospel - by Wayne Walker
  464. Worshipping God Acceptably - by Wayne Walker
  465. Taking Time To Be Holy - by Wayne Walker
  466. How To Have A Holy Lifestyle - by Wayne Walker
  467. Barak And Faith - by Wayne Walker
  468. Peter And Diligence - by Wayne Walker
  469. Does Hell Scare You? - by Wayne Walker
  470. Beating Around The Bush - by Wayne Walker
  471. How We Are To Be Crucified - by Wayne Walker
  472. A Call To Spiritual Renewal - by Wayne Walker
  473. The Lords Supper And The First Day Of The Week - by Wayne Walker
  474. Return To The Lord - by Wayne Walker
  475. What Is Involved In Being Justified By His Grace - by Wayne Walker
  476. The Truth That Sets Us Free - by Wayne Walker
  477. Paul's "Bewares" - By Wayne Walker
  478. Abraham's Salvation - by Wayne Walker
  479. Five Instances Of Faith In The Life Of Moses - by Wayne Walker
  480. The Problem Of Carnality - by Wayne Walker
  481. Peter's Sermon On Solomon's Porch - by Wayne Walker
  482. What If You Had Been Noah? - by Wayne Walker
  483. A Prepared Heart - by Wayne Walker
  484. "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" - by Wayne Walker
  485. Three Lesson Of Faith From Judges - by Wayne Walker
  486. What Is God To Us - by Wayne Walker
  487. The Grace Of His Word - by Wayne Walker
  488. Five Great Memorials To Christ - by Wayne Walker
  489. The Ark And The Church - by Wayne Walker
  490. Four Events At Jesus' Crucifixion - by Wayne Walker
  491. Spiritual Blessings From God - by Wayne Walker
  492. The Early Reigh of King Uzziah - by Wayne Walker
  493. The Parable Of The Prodigal Son - by Wayne Walker
  494. How NOT To Establish Scriptural Authority - by Wayne Walker
  495. Flee Sexual Immorality - by Wayne Walker
  496. The Panoply Of God - by Wayne Walker
  497. The Definition of Adultery #1 - by Steve Wallace
  498. The Definition of Adultery #2 - by Steve Wallace
  499. Sin Is Always Wrong - by Unknown
  500. Do The Scriptures Teach More Than One Resurrection When Christ Returns? - by Unknown
  501. Gambling - by Unknown
  502. Needed: Workers - by Unknown
  503. Becoming More Like Jesus - by Unknown
  504. Capital Punishment: Is it Authorized By God? - by Unknown
  505. Taking The Lord's Supper With One Cup - by Unknown
  506. Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ - by Unknown
  507. Personal Christian Growth - by Unknown
  508. The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit - by Unknown Ralph
  509. The Need To Correct The Erring - by Brian Yeager
  510. Preaching Christ - by Brian Yeager
  511. House to House Evangelism - by Brian Yeager
  512. No Condemnation - by Jimmy Young

  1. Series - "ADD TO YOUR FAITH"- by Daniel Lee Henderson
  2. Series - "A Time For Every Purpose" - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  3. Series - "A Godly Family In An Ungodly World" - by Carey Scott
  4. Series - Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination? - by Carey Scott
  5. Series - Building, Maintaining, And Nurturing Good Relationships - by Carey Scott
  6. Series - "God's Plan Of Salvation" - by Tommy Thornhill Jr.
  7. Series - "A Study Of Authority" - by Tommy Thornhill Jr.

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