Do you understand quantum physics? Do you even know what it is? (Most of us do not.) Now, imagine that you have the task of explaining it to someone else. Impossible! How can you hope to explain what you do not understand yourself?

We hope this illustrates a point we want to make about the Bible. The majority of people in the world mistakenly view the Bible as a confusing and difficult book. Sadly, too many Christians are unable to help resolve this problem because they simply cannot explain what they have never understood themselves. They don't know God's truth well enough to be able to explain it to others.

The Bible can be understood (Ephesians 3:2-5). In fact, we are commanded to understand it (Ephesians 5:17). If we imagine that the Bible is too hard to understand, we are actually casting a charge against God. We are maintaining that He was unable to produce a revelation that the average man or woman can grasp. Not true!

The real problem here is a lack of dedication and a failure to work diligently. Often we find folks - even Christians - who can talk knowledgeably about a wide variety of subjects. They recite technical and intricate details about a host of topics. Yet these same people claim that the Bible ca n not be comprehended. Nonsense! With even a fraction of the same effort they have put into understanding computers, cars, sporting events and political matters, they would have become expert in their knowledge of God's Word. If they invested one tenth of the time they waste watching television, they would understand even the most complicated themes of the Bible.

It's true that you can't explain what you do not know. However, let us never use this excuse concerning the Bible. If you don't know, it's your fault. Get busy!

By Greg Gwin

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