Almost Everything Put On Hold
The current virus scare has drastically altered many lives. Business closed down, people out of work, no income coming in and the general disruption of our lives has caused the government to do some drastic measures. Rent payments are a concern for so many, and not having any income, people are stressing over how this will happen. So the government steps in and tells every landlord, Mortgage Company, and holding company to put these things on hold until the problems are over and the economy returns so that people can get caught up on these things. This is definitely putting a hardship upon every facet of our society and our lives. People like the idea of their rent payment put on hold and how they can spend the money on other things knowing the government will protect them from foreclosure. Others are taking advantage of the situation, while other criminal elements are capitalizing on the opportunity to take advantage of others.

But to be honest, this is nothing new. Often the important things that are necessary are put on hold so that we can do other things that we feel are more important than other things. Most people have put their spirituality on hold so that they can "Sow their wild oats" with the intention of correcting their behavior before they die. Some put the importance of Bible study on hold thinking that they will eventually get around to reading the Bible. What most people fail to realize is that everything put off will have consequences. One might claim that I will do something tomorrow, but has tomorrow ever arrived? No! Mankind has filled their lives with so much non-essential things that the essential things have been crowded out or outright ignored. The things of this world have a much stronger allure than the things of God. And it really shows because not that many people are seeking God or to have a good relationship with God. Sadly, they will find out in the end just how essential these things they thought were not important were very important. But it will be too late to do anything about it.

People are excited about the government bailout and all these rules to put things on hold, but they will still have to pay their rent and their taxes. They might get a check to help with their bills, but we all know that many will go out and buy that four hundred dollar purse or those three hundred dollar shoes while they just put their bills on hold. Many will waste their government assistance, then they will be the first to cry that they are hungry or are about to be evicted and expect the taxpayer to bail them out again.

When all is said and done, we must learn to focus upon what is really important. In Colossians 3:2 we read that we are to "set our affections on things above, and not on the things of this earth". Yes this is difficult because we still have to work and learn to survive, but when we focus on God we can have a calm nature about us. We will not be a part of the rat-race that the world is so involved with. When we keep everything in proper perspective, we have truly learned the most profitable thing. Having a good relationship with God is the greatest thing we can possibly possess in this world. Nothing is more important.

So, do not put your spiritual things on hold, because you may never catch up in time. We do not know when judgment day is coming, so we must be prepared at all times. Please figure out what is truly the most essential thing you will need to meet your maker on that day.

By Carey Scott

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