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A Recreational Church?
Many different denominations seeking to attract numbers and new converts offer recreation as a benefit of joining their church. Entertainment and recreation seem to be a drawing card that is hard to beat. It certainly appeals to the lust of the flesh and mind. And what some of them wear becomes a lust of the eyes for others. While the leadership of these groups think they are helping people find God, they are doing nothing more than Satan's bidding.
As we examine just how much some people hold the church and serving God to be so very important, we learn that mostly their religion is treated like a recreational activity. For many, they will claim that God is the most important thing in their life, but on bowling night, bowling takes precedence. Parents are to teach kids how important it is to dedicate your life to Christ and God, but always make sure that the kids do not miss soccer practice when done on a church night. What does this teach the children? Parents tell their kids that church is important, but do not demonstrate that their own lives.
Weak Christians seem to be looking for any excuse to get out of going to church. Family matters, important ball games, children activities help these weak individuals soothe their conscience, but such is nothing more than a lie. The truth of the matter is that the truth is not as important as "my personal business".
It appears that to most Christians, church is treated no more importantly than any recreational activity. It is treated like we will go to church IF nothing gets in the way. Can a person rightly claim to be serving God when they are only serving themselves? What else can you call it when you do not attend with the saints at every service? Some who claim to be Christians only go to church once a year. Does this fit with the command to lay your life down as a sacrifice to God? Of course it does not.
Our Christianity is to be a daily effort in doing what God has instructed us to do. Not only going to the right church is important, but all the other commands of Christians in their behavior towards their brethren and toward those outside of Christ. Christians are supposed to be examples to others. That is why Jesus said for us to let our light shine. There are two reasons given for letting our light shine. So that people can see us doing the works of God, and that they will be inspired to worship Him. So our job is to help others get to heaven. We do this by encouraging our brethren at church, and by setting a Christ-like example for others to see.
We are supposed to give diligence in our actions and thoughts. Giving diligence means to make every effort humanly possible in doing what God commands us to do. How many of us do that? Hardly anyone does such. But that is what God desires for us to do; so we should make as much effort as possible in serving God.
The servants of Satan are doing a much more diligent job in keeping people out of heaven. Should we not be putting forth the same if not more amount of effort to save souls? The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Let's be diligent in sharing that gospel.
By Carey Scott

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