When I was born my parents named me. It is a name I wear with pride. It is a name that I protect. It is a name that honors my father here on earth. However, there is another name by which I am named, that means more to me than the name my father here on earth gave. The name that means even more to me is the name Christian. (Lee Greenwood sings the song "I am proud to be an American." It is truly a blessing for all that are named by this name. Lee goes on to say he "would defend the right to be called an American."). We too, should be willing to defend the name Christian.

Think for a moment about how special it is to be a child of God, a Christian. Peter tells us we are a special people, a holy people, and a royal people (1 Pet. 2:9). The way we wear the name of our Lord says everything about Him, does it not? As much as each of us are proud of our family name and seek to protect it from disrepute, we should be even more aware of honoring our Father in heaven.

First, it means we try to be like Him. We want to glorify Him so that others will see Him in us. Our very character and disposition is to be His. As the song states, you and I may be the only Bible people may read. So, we want to reveal Him to them by being as much like Him as possible.

Second, we don't want to disappoint Him. One day we shall be as He is (1 Jno. 3:1,2). We shall stand before Him and give answer for how we have borne the name Christian, child of God. Our fear should not be that of hell, but having a holy disappointment. He gave Himself for us, bled and died for us, paid the great price for us, and suffered for us. Jesus said, "I do all things always that please My Father." We too, want to please Him. That is our one great desire.

Third, we are not accidents. We were planned by the eternal purpose of God (Rom. 8:29). God's plan was to have a people that would be His in a special way, a people who would willingly submit to His rule of law, a people who would love Him because He first loved them. Remember the pride you felt at the birth of your first child? The child that would bear your name among men and before your Lord. Remember the joy you had at the birth of your very own child. So, it is, that the angels of heaven rejoice when we become children of God in a special way bearing the name of His only begotten Son, Christian.

The purpose of the Father is achieved in you when you take up His name and His cross a follow Him daily. We wear a name that is above every other name. We wear a name of honor. We wear the name of the Creator of this world and all that is found within it. We wear a name whereby we find salvation from the sins of the world. We wear the name of the Great Redeemer. We must never forget who we are -- and whose we are.

By Rickie Jenkins in Biblical Insights, Vol. 8, No. 11, Nov. 2008.

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