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Since this site for the Patternists began, there have been many good articles focusing upon the Scriptures. Those who are Patternists hold to the belief that the Bible is the pattern given to us by God to direct our steps and help us get to heaven.
Several things about the Non-Patternists should be noted. (These are only a few points).

1) They do not believe the Bible. Oh, they will scream and jump through hoops claiming that they do, but just about every point they ever make ignores and contradicts the word of God. They also show a disdain, and accompanied by such vitriolic language condemning those who turn to the Bible as a source of authority.
2) They are Universalists. Those who believe everyone is going to be saved no matter what they believe or how they behave in life. Their only exception is those mentioned in point one above. The faithful ones that teach that the Bible gives us the pattern for living, worship, and salvation. Yes, those who seek Bible authority are the only ones who will go to God’s hell. Atheists, Muslims, and those of any other religion you can imagine has a better chance to be saved than those who speak and teach the truth.
3) They are enlightened beyond compare. Their so-called freedom that they claim to have found in a true belief of Christ is nothing more than freedom from Christ. It is like everyone wants to adore and worship baby Jesus, but ignore His words as an adult. Their only goal is to be free to do whatever their heart wants to do. They chide faithful men and women of God as being oafs, goofs, ignorant, and the list goes on for miles.
4) They think they have all the answers. They have been ignoring God’s word for so long that they have trained themselves and others to get around the true meaning of each point the Bible makes, and offer their own interpretation of each passage. They redefine words commonly used and give common words entirely different meanings. Of course, those who chide them for doing so are treated with disdain and obvious hatred, because someone dared to challenge them on what they were thinking.
This list could go on for a while, but we will stop it here and save the rest for later. If the Non-Patternists are right, those who hold to the Bible as God’s authority are the only ones who will go to hell. If they are wrong, they are leading thousands if not millions of souls down the broad path that leads to destruction. Therefore we speak in hopes of saving those lost souls headed for destruction (Jude 23)
By Carey Scott

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