“Preach The Word!” - Even To Children

J. W. McGarvey was once called the ripest Bible scholar in the world by a major newspaper in London, England. This great Bible scholar, and preacher, was reported to have said that the greatest compliment he ever received came from a little child who said to him, "Brother McGarvey, I like your preaching. I can understand you."

Some churches claim that children today are "turned off' by preaching. Thus they remove the children from worship assembly and create "junior church" or "cluster groups" in which preaching is replaced by drama, skits, puppets, etc. As a result, the assembly is divided, and the children (and adults) who attend "junior church" - "cluster groups" are not exposed to sound gospel preaching.

On the last night of one of my gospel meetings, I was handed a note which had been written by a little eleven year old girl named Rachel. The note, in part, read as follows:

"I hope you come back soon to preach again... I like listening to stories about God and Jesus. Thank you for coming to preach... I hate that you have to leave because you are a really, really good preacher. How do you remember all of the preaching? Thanks again for coming! Love, Rachel"

Poor little Rachel! Someone forgot to tell her that children are not supposed to like preaching. I'm thankful the leaders of the church, where Rachel attends - do not subscribe to the nonsense that we must cheapen the gospel and put on a show to interest youth. "Gather the people together, men, and women, and children ... that they may hear and... learn" (Deut. 31:12). Children (all children) need to hear preaching too. Let’s not rob them of the opportunity.

By Charles C. Pugh III

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