Just A Christian

You can be just a Christian, nothing more, nothing less. It is not difficult at all. It is much simpler than becoming something besides just a Christian.

To become just a Christian one must go back beyond protestantism. Protestantism is not New Testament Christianity. One who wishes to be just a Christian cannot settle for Protestantism.

To become just a Christian one must go back beyond Catholicism, you must go all the way back to Christ, to the inspired apostles, and to the New Testament. What were the three thousand who turned to Christ on Pentecost but Christians? what were the obedient Samaritans, the baptized eunuch? What was Paul but just a Christian? And what were Cornelius and his household, Lydia, the jailer and their household, but just Christians.

If you are serious in becoming just a Christian, then you have only to read your New Testament and do exactly what those just mentioned did to become just a Christian. And you will also be just a Christian. If you hear the gospel (the Good News of Jesus Christ) believe the gospel, if you repent of sins (stop sinning), confess that Jesus is the Son of God, and be buried with the Lord in baptism, you too can be just a Christian like they were, it is just that simple. (Rom.10:17; 6:3; John 8:24; 3:3; Matt.10:32,33; Mark 16:16; Acts 2:47)

By George Jackson

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