This article is not for those who are faithful, diligent servants of the Lord and who can be counted on to be at every service of the church and heartily participate in every program designed to promote growth and strengthen the body of Christ. If you fit into this category, please know that you are a great source of encouragement to your brothers and sisters in Christ. You are truly an asset to the cause of Christ. This is for those who do not attend services faithfully and who are not involved in the Lord’s work and are prone to offer excuses for not doing what they could and should be doing. Dear brother/sister, did you know that your soul is in jeopardy? The Bible says, “Therefore, to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (Jas. 4:17). Sin will cause the soul to be lost. Any sin! Yes, even sins of omission.

I am perplexed and saddened when I hear some of the excuses offered by members of the church from time to time. We call and/or visit those who were absent from worship services and some of the excuses offered have neither reason nor logic.

Some say that “little Johnny” or “little Susie” was sick. Therefore, the whole family stayed home! Or, the husband or wife was sick and everyone stayed home. I dare say that when Monday morning rolls around the other children and healthy spouse will go to school and work (unless the illness is to the extent that the entire family is needed at home). Is work and school more important than the Lord? This is what the family in this scenario has shown by their actions.

Then there are those who say, “I was just too tired to come to worship.” Do you suppose the Lord was tired as He was making His way to Golgotha? Was He tired when He fell beneath the weight of His own cross? We generally do what we want to do even if we are tired. It really is a matter of what is important to us.

Some offer the excuse, “I had company.” Could you not ask them to come to services with you? This is one way you could show an interest in their soul. Occasionally, the response is, “I didn’t want to offend them,” or “I didn’t want to appear rude by leaving them to come to worship.” Is it not sad that this individual would rather offend the Lord than company? Is your company more important than the One who sacrificed His life on the cross for you?

Some absent themselves from the assembly to watch a sporting or entertainment event. Friend, do you not understand that the Lord is sorely disappointed when one of His own shows more interest in things pertaining to this life than in paying homage to Him?!? Are you really seeking first His kingdom (Matt. 6:33)?

Some have said, “I’ve just gotten out of the habit of coming on Sunday night and Wednesday night. What about other habits such as getting up at a certain time, eating meals at a certain time, going to bed at a certain time, going to the grocery store on certain days, etc.? Is not the “habit” of faithful worship much more important than all these other habits?

Some say, “I just didn’t feel good.” This is not a reference to those who are truly sick and unable to get out of the house. This pertains to those who would go to work or meet some other appointment with the very same “ailment.” In other words, it is bad enough to keep one from church, but not bad enough to keep one from other activities.

Friend, these are all excuses. They are not reasons, but excuses. If you have used any of these excuses, think! How would you fare in the Judgment? Please know this: God did not accept Adam and Eve’s excuses (Gen. 3). He did not accept the excuses King Saul offered for not doing what he was told (I Sam. 15). There are many other examples in the Scriptures which could be cited. The Lord has never accepted excuses and He will not accept them when you stand before Him to give an account!! Read James 4:17 again and again. If you need to repent, do it now!

By Jimmy Ferguson

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