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Reality Check
Often times, we are comfortable about where we are and where we have been. Sometimes the future is not as bright as we hope it would be. Most of us would like to think that the people around us are good moral people with principles worthy of God's approval. While a few might be blessed to be surrounded by such people, reality tells us that is not the case anymore. Our recent elections have revealed a lot about our fellow citizens. Perhaps we should view this as a wakeup call. Perhaps we thought we lived in a society that respected God and His word. Well, we were wrong.
When immorality is approved by the people, it should tell us that we have failed in spreading the word of GOD. When drunkenness and getting high are placed on the ballot, you know that people want it that way. God has told His people to be sober-minded and to pay attention to their surroundings. Society has already accepted such. Soft and hard drugs are a multi-billion industry. Even though something is illegal, it does not stop those who want to enjoy it. Many things that were illegal several years ago are now legal. Many things that were disgusting to us and are still disgusting to us are being accepted in our world. People may get high on pot, and they may marry in the same sex. But we must also remember that every one of them will stand before God and give an account. Abortion is legal, but God has already spoken about the taking of innocent life.
The reality of this recent election has demonstrated to us that this once great nation has changed. One of the commentators said that this country has changed. One of the reasons is that people like stuff; and one party gives stuff to people. Another pundit declared that more and more people are content to let the government take care of them, and they are content to live without dignity.
We figured back in September of 2001 that our lives would change dramatically. For the sense of security, we would have to trade our freedoms, and we willingly gave up our freedoms so that we would have the sense of security to pursue our desires. Due to the fact that our country has changed, we must be prepared to give up much more of our stuff to supply the needs of those who are not willing to work for their own stuff.
The reality is that if this country is going to make a comeback and improve, it will only happen if God is a part of it. In 1 Samuel 8, we read about a nation that decided to boot God out of their land. To be like the nations around them, they had to have what the other nations had. A king was desired. The people were warned, but they said they wanted a king anyway. The reality is that they did not like God telling them how to live.
It is very interesting that what is happening today in our country is precisely what has happened in the past. We can read about it in the Bible, and secular human historians have documented these same events throught history. We are encouraged to learn from history so that we do not make the same mistakes. 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 instructs us to learn from the example of the Israelites. Many nations have ignored the warnings from God, and have ceased to exist. Reality suggest that this country is on the same path. In Samuel's day, the people rejected God as their King. Recent events tell us that most people in this country have done the same.
What can the righteous do? First of all, we need to give God glory and honor, and we must remain faithful to God. That may not be popular in our society, but there will be a reward by doing so. We also need to realize the need to teach our fellow man about God and the sacrifice of Jesus. As Christians, we should not be content to just let the people stay on the path to hell. These are souls that Jesus died for, and they need salvation. We as Christians should do our part to teach our fellow man. This starts in the home, and continues among our co-workers, classmates, neighbors, and everyone in our community. We cannot teach or influence those who do not know us, and those we do not meet.
The people have spoken and have rejected God and His laws. The righteous can tuck tail and hide or they can share the gospel message and start saving souls. Reality tells us that we are not going to save them all, but we can at least try to save some. May God help us.
By Carey Scott

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