"Does Jesus Live Here?"

The continued knock brought the busy mother to the door. A man stood there with a Bible in his hand. Without a word of introduction he asked: "Does Jesus liver here?"

The woman, although she belonged to the church was so upset by the unexpected question, that she did not answer. She didn't even remember what the man said next, but she remembered that he then walked slowly away.

All day, the man's question kept going through her mind. That evening, when her husband came home, she told him about it. He laughed and said, "Why didn't you show him the church directory with your name in it? You could have told him that we nearly always send the children to Sunday school and that we attend several times each month. Why didn't you remind him that we give a little to the church and look upon ourselves as a respected christian family?'

"Yes," she said, "All that you have said is true and I could have told him all that, but I'm still troubled because he didn't ask me if our name was on the church roll; he didn't ask me if we sent our children to Sunday school or if we went ourselves occasionally; he didn't ask if we gave a little to the church or if we were respected christians. That wasn't his question--- he asked me: 'Does Jesus Live Here?' and all day long I have been wondering if he does."

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