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Some years ago a friend of mine was visiting a congregation in the western part of the nation. His observance of the disruptions in worship is something to think about.
He watched as the younger people were allowed to play games as the worship service was going on. Many times the older ones were the ones who were encouraging the games played by the children. Not only did these people not get anything out of worship, but they disturbed everyone else who was sitting around them.
This just goes to show that many do not know the purpose, nor do they understand what worship is. If they did they surely would not disturb the worship assembly, and would act more worshipful.
For us to answer the question, "What is worship?" we must first understand what it is not.
1. Worship is not a time for fun and games. Children should be trained at an early age to respect worship. They are never too young to be trained.
2. Worship is not a time to manicure our fingernails.
3. Worship is not a time to catch up on our sleep.
4. Worship is not a time to balance our checkbooks.
5. Worship is not a time to allow our children to run wild. Someone could be hurt by someone running into them.
6. Worship is not a time to communicate with those around us (whispering and note passing).
7. Worship is not just a time to give of our means and take the Lord's Supper. It is the time that we do those things, but we also are to sing, pray, and hear the Word of God taught.
Worship is:
1. A time to praise the living God.
2. A time to remember the love of Christ as He died for us.
3. A time of encouragement, uplifting, and exhortation.
4. A time for Christian fellowship.
5. A time to leave behind the cares of the world.
6. A time to focus on bowing before God.
7. A time commanded to be set aside for proper worship (John 4:23-24).
8. A time for things to be done decently and in order.
Additionally the nursery is not a place to go and shut out the worship service. It is the place set aside for mothers to train and take care of their little ones. Even in the nursery there is to be respect for worship.

By Toney L. Smith Adapted from an article by Garry Stanton

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