How Do I Feel About Personal Evangelism

[These questions are taken from Brent Hunter's study called Personal Evangelism 101. I thank him for putting this together. Every Christian will do well to get their hands on this study and apply it to their lives. The consequences of failure to apply this to our lives is eternal separation from God. Please print this page and have copies made. Please give one to every person who wears the name of Christ. Then, if guilty,let us ask God for forgiveness, and get busy doing The Master's Will.]

How many people have I helped lead to Christ?____________

How many people do I NOW have my heart set on to win to Christ?_________

To what extent have I gone to try to win these people?

Approximately how many hours (minutes) per week do I average talking to people about the Lord?_________

How often do I pray for certain individuals to obey the Lord, or to be restored to faithful Christian duty?

Do I ever pray FERVENTLY that I might become a better soul winner?

Do I SINCERELY TRY to help that prayer be answered?

Am I generally embarrassed to converse with people about Christ?

Do I know enough Scripture to help one become a Christian?

Do I honestly feel that I am my brother's keeper, and that his salvation may depend LARGELY upon me?

Have I offered the excuse "I DON'T KNOW HOW", for not doing personal work?

Do I think I can ever really learn how until I try?

When do I plan to begin?

Has it ever occurred to me that many will die and go to God unprepared while I'm wasting time thinking I don't know how?

Am I interested enough in Heaven, and does it mean enough to me that I earnestly desire others to go with me?

Will a checkup list like this help me to do better?

(Note: Brethren, I keep remembering the story of the fig tree that did not produce fruit-----IT WAS CONDEMNED AND BURNED UP!!! )

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