It Doesn't Seem Right....

Usually when we see this statement used in a religious context, it is for the purpose of questioning whether God has demonstrated good judgement in His statements. When we draw conclusions from scripture where there is no specific "THUS SAITH THE LORD", we can get into trouble with those who have their own ideas about what the Lord really intended. In many of their arguments, we find the phrase "it seems to me", or "it just doesn't seem right". When these statements are offered, we usually counter with the Proverbs and the several statements issued in that book. Proverbs 16:25 reads; "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death."

There are times though, that this statement can have some merit. When we view things from a biblical standpoint, and see where people do things different, we can certainly say that it doesn't seem right. I do not know who wrote these statements, but I certainly concur with them. I'm sure that after you read them, you will agree, and that you will probally come up with some other things that "just doesn't seem right" to you.

It just doesn't seem quite right...... For a Christian to come to worship, not participate wholeheartedly, and then complain, "I just don't get anything out of worship". (John 4:23-24)

It just doesn't seem quite right......For a Christian to prefer the company of his associates in the world rather than the company of his brethren. (Rom 12:11)

It just doesn't seem quite right......For a Christian to begin a conversation with the words, "I don't know this for sure, but I heard...". (1 Pet. 2:1-2)

It just doesn't seem quite right..... For a Christian to sing, "All to Jesus, I surrender" but then hold on to some lust, some habit, etc. that ought to be discarded. (Luke 14:33)

It just doesn't seem quite right..... For a Christian to question whether a carpenter from Nazareth could possibly have the final word about faith and conduct. (Rom 1:4)

To become acclimated to any of these spells deep trouble. All are merely symptoms, indicating a spiritual sickness which, if not treated immediately and effectively, may well prove terminal to the soul.--Don

I do not know who Don is, but I agree with him. Each of the areas mentioned is a problem with some or many. Our Worship is to God, not ourselves. When we have trouble humbling ourselves before man, we cannot humble ourselves before God. Just look at how many neglect this command to assemble ourselves together (Heb 10:25). Our Spiritual Family is far more concerned in your spiritual welfare than anyone of this world. Yet, we see more and more people avoiding those "bible-beaters". What better class of people to be around, than God's people. Just remember that heaven will be full of God's people. Will you be one of them?

How can you be one of them if you distance yourselves from them? Our Speech reflects the attitudes of the heart. James teaches that the tongue needs to be controlled or else, it produces ill-effects. One small statement can destroy your influence and character that you have tried to build up over a lifetime. We need wisdom to control our tongues and spoken thoughts. We have a great opportunity to declare the gospel, yet we fill our mouths with other things in the presense of the lost. We have the command to edify one another, yet we sometimes cast insults towards them. Our Singing is to come from the heart. Yet, how many songs do we sing with all our might, that we have absolutely no intention of doing. More songs we could add to the one mentioned above is....I want to be a worker for the Lord......I want to be a soul-winner for Jesus.....Praise the Lord......Be with me Lord......How I love the Great Redeemer.......Lord, send me.....etc.. Our subjection should be to Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Many in the church today do not accept the teachings, commandments, precepts, and words of Jesus in the promotion or their doctrines. We should be abiding in the doctrine of Christ (2 John 9), and not the individual doctrines that many are comfortable with. If you have a problem with what the scriptures command by statement, example, or inferrence, it means that you do not accept its authority.

Only those who respect and submit to the authority of Holy Spirit's revelation will be invited into Heaven. Remember, it is better to know something than to feel something. Seem is a word that is felt more than demonstrated. We must be careful anytime someone says "it just doesn't seem right", but we can look futher and learn the true motives of those who make these statements. There may be some commandments that seem strange to those of the world, but that does not remove the application from them.

Whether we agree with God or not, we are still subject to His will and our obedience is necessary for our soul's salvation. As teachers of the word, we are obligated to speak where the bible speaks (1Pet 4:11) whether we agree with it or not. If we want to make the message palatable to the many, we have to corrupt the true message (2 Tim 4:2). The bottom line is, don't let your feelings dictate your message, but let God do the talking through His word.

By Carey Scott inspired by a short article by Unknown

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