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Our Common Destiny
Two people are dead from murder/suicide on a college campus. Three girls died when their SUV rolled over. Many people died from a suicide bombing in Iraq. A coffee drinking buddy suddenly passes. A long-time friend succumbs to his broken down body ailments. Sixty-six people died when their Egypt Air jet went down. Eight or more people died in flood waters in Texas. Oh, the list goes on. An internet search reveals that about 151,600 people die every day. Most die from natural causes, but others are not so lucky. Many lives end tragically or violently.
What we are well aware of is the fact that people die all the time. In fact that is the fate of every human being that has ever walked this earth.
What do all these people have in common? Let us look at some facts about each of these people.
First, they all were born into the human race and each of them had an identity. Others knew them by name and many of them will be known by their name as long as memory keeps them alive.
Second, they all lived their lives and hopefully, their lives were satisfactory for the most part. The person who committed suicide probably did not see it that way. I would imagine that most of these people woke up that day and did not consider that they would never see another sunrise.
Third, I would hope that each of these people will be missed by someone. Can you imagine living a life that did not have an impact upon anyone? How tragic to not accomplish any good while in this life.
Fourth, each of these people has a soul given to them by God. While they lived, they were responsible for their soul, and sadly most of these people were not living like they were supposed to be living. The Bible warns all mankind that they are accountable to God for their behavior and even their beliefs. Anyone who has a belief or behavior that is ungodly and without Christ is going to be lost eternally.
Fifth, what we need to realize is the fact that we will be among them in the future. It may be later today or many years from now. What are you doing to get yourself ready to die? This is such an unpleasant thought to many that they just ignore it, and live life like they will never die. But they will die someday.
Sixth, the Bible tells us that everyone will die, and after death will come the judgment (Hebrews 9:27). This judgment will be before God and God will declare to us whether we are faithful or not.
Many people in the world deny that such a judgment will take place. Rather than be accountable to a God, many choose to deny God even exists. The Bible declares that every eye will see Jesus and every tongue will confess Jesus Is LORD. It would be a very good idea to do this before you die. For many this will be the very last thing they do before entering hell. It will be a painful reminder that they should have served God and Christ, and they will know exactly why they are suffering eternal punishment.
We can go to heaven if we put our trust in God and our faith in Jesus Christ. If we will learn of His will for us, and do it, we have a much better chance of entering heaven. Not doing the will of God will insure that we will be denied an entrance into heaven. Prepare yourself.
By Carey Scott

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