Satan Does Not Give Up
The scriptures speak of several things that can never be satisfied. The grave is never satisfied. This means that even though billions of humans have died, that many more billions will also die, and no matter how many die, the grave is never satisfied.
The lust of the wicked is never satisfied. No matter how much they sin and practice their wickedness, they always want more and more perverse things to consider. There is never enough sex, drugs, greed, or whatever.
These people who sin and live for sin are already in the possession of Satan. But that is not good enough for him, he wants everyone to stay out of heaven, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that you fail to be saved.
Even though we are told in James 4:7 to "resist the devil and he will flee from you", we must also realize that he does not go away and stay away. He is going to hide behind a bush or around the corner and watch you to see if you have any weaknesses by which he can capture you through the deceitfulness of sin.
Satan does not care that you go to church unless you go to worship God in spirit and truth. There are many churches that do not respect God or His word and they do their own thing. That is fine with Satan. It is only the faithful followers of God and His word that give Satan a problem.
Satan does not have a problem if you call yourself a Christian. That is until you start living like a Christians is supposed to live. There are millions of people who call themselves Christians, yet they do not obey the words of Christ and God. Satan has them right where he wants them. True, many of them may have been deceived by false teachers or false doctrine, but their sincerity is not sufficient to get them into heaven. Only those who do the commandments of God will be saved.
Satan does not have a problem when you have a problem with your brother in the Lord. Sure, we are supposed to love them and do good things for them, but often times, we have issues with our brethren, and Satan gets very excited when that happens. It is another opportunity for the dirty laundry to be exposed and that can discourage people from seeking the truth. When brethren are constantly bickering and fighting, there is an atmosphere that is hard to get past. Many potential converts will not want to be around such people; and who can blame them?
Satan does not have a problem if you are a hypocrite. These are his best workers. They pretend to be faithful, yet they are not, and most know they are not faithful. Somehow, they seem to like the fellowship of faithful brethren, but are not willing to live like faithful brethren are supposed to live. Perhaps, their conscience bothers them and they are not willing to come out and let the brethren know that they are actually sinners, so they act like Christians when around Christians, but they live like worldly minded people the rest of the time.
As long as you are faithful to God and the Christ, Satan is going to try to get you to fail in your service to Them. Satan is determined to make people miss heaven. He is successful most of the time, but that is not good enough. Satan wants everyone to be lost. So live in such a way that Satan cannot become satisfied with you.
By Carey Scott

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