Another Shooting!
Perhaps you read this title, and assumed we will be talking about the massacre that took place last Friday night in Aurora, Colorado. Well, that is the main reason I am writing this, but what you probably did not pay attention to the other word in the Title.
Another! This is significant because murder and killing are becoming so common place that when some horrible event takes place now, it is usually preceded by the word: another. As of this writing, there are 12 dead and 58 have been wounded (some seriously).
According to statistics, there were 43.8 murders today across this land. People are dying to the tune of 12,000 to 16,000 each year. So why are we so indignant about 12 people dying? It is because they all died in one event at the hands of one individual.
I am sure you have heard many comments and interviews by people who have degrees and are supposed to be the experts. Well, let me tell you that all their wisdom is off the mark.
Here is why this man killed so many people in one event. This man did not value human life; Period! The next question is why did he not value human life? Because he rejects God and His teachings to not take human life. Is that so hard to understand?
Here is the solution to keep these attacks from taking place. Teach people the Bible and the love of God and teach them to respect others and value human life. God said “Thou shalt not murder”. Jesus took it one step further and taught that we are to love our neighbors and our enemies as ourselves. Jesus taught us that treating others kindly is the greatest duty of man outside of serving God. Jesus also taught us that we will face our eternal judgment based upon how we treated others in this life.
These random acts of violence were not normal back in the days when people taught their children to respect God, country, elders, and family. These violent acts started happening after certain interest groups forced God out of our country. The rampant immorality the people of this country are involved in is destroying this once great nation. If we cannot turn our culture of death around, this nation is doomed, and God will allow that to happen.
What can we do? The answer is simple. Turn to God and receive His instructions. Learn the principles of love and learn to treat others kindly. There is no way that this country will return to greatness without God.
Where do we start? One soul at a time. We who are spiritual need to teach those who are not spiritual the value of serving God. God promises blessings and reward for faithful obedience. God also warns of the consequences of failing to serve Him and do His will.
Let us at the Eastside church of Christ introduce you to God and a new life of living faithful to God. By doing so, you will also benefit and become a blessing for those around you and also your countrymen.
Join us for services on Sunday at 9:45am for class 10:45am and 5:00pm for worship, and on Wednesday at 7:00 for class. We meet at the corner of Strawn rd and Young st in Ranger Texas. Everyone welcome.
By Carey Scott 7/25/2012

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