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Nothing To Hope For
This is a problem many people in the world suffer from. When a person loses all hope, there is nothing left to do but die (Job 11:20). Such a sad situation we see in the lives of so many who choose suicide over life. It has to be obvious that they decide to end it all. Whatever the problem, those who have no hope seek to end the misery. Many have problems that they cannot deal with in their own mind, and they choose the easy way; or so they must think.
This is nothing new, for mankind has realized this for thousands of years. Generals have learned that when the enemy perceives there is no hope, they will surrender. We all have heard the phrase that we should "break them", or "we should break their spirit". Once they are broken, all hope is gone for them.
A horse with a strong spirit will buck and buck to maintain control. Yet the rancher who has a need for this horse will work to break it. After doing so, the horse will become subject to the desire of the master. It will do what the master wants instead of doing what it wants to do.
People also become subjects by the same method. As they grow up they learn to become independent. They do what they want to do, and they become arrogant, disrespectful, and unruly. Discipline will bring them back to function in society as they are supposed to be. This process should begin at an early age. Just like you cannot teach an old dog (or horse) new tricks, so the child is to be molded at an early age. Any society breaks down when parents, leaders, and teachers do not teach or discipline the child to become what is expected of the child.
We understand that when individuals try to do things by themselves, failure can occur, yet if the individuals work as a team, they can accomplish much.
Even in individual sports, the athlete requires training and there is usually a support group behind the athlete. There are trainers, managers, and a routine behind the individual who wins and receives the glory with their accomplishments. A coach or an instructor will guide the athlete to make the best use of their skill.
Those who do not serve God are in the stage of their life where selfishness takes control and they lose control. They are deprived of God by their environment or by their own choice. They have not learned to submit to God, so as to be saved.
David said that a "broken and contrite spirit" is what God desires (Psalm 51:17). We too, must find the way which gives us hope. For this will be our salvation. Our hope cannot rely upon ourselves for we fail all the time. Our hope can only be accomplished when we put our trust in something greater than ourselves. Yes we are speaking of putting our trust in God. We demonstrate such trust when we become obedient to His commands.
So it should be in our spiritual lives. God teaches us through His word. When we follow His instructions, we should not fail. His church is our support group to encourage and guide us in the way we should go. When we do as instructed, we will have the confidence to boldly approach the throne of grace in prayer and in preparation for the judgment to come. Christians have hope because they put their trust in God, and not in anything else (Psalm 118:8-9).
By Carey Scott

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