Why Do We Have Gospel Meetings?
After all, most people will just ignore the fact that we have preaching going on at times we normally do not meet. Most people do not care that we bring a preacher in to encourage us and preach the gospel at the same time. Most people will not care as usual. But let us notice some advantages to having a gospel meeting.
It is to be an effort by the entire congregation to get the word out and invite others. We hope to encourage someone to attend one of these special services and pique their interest in spiritual matters. We expect the preacher to be ready to present lessons that are relevant and presented in an exciting manner.
We want to hear someone declare the same truth that our regular preacher teaches all the time.
We do this together and we all feel a part of something great. If we invite friends and family to our meeting, we will certainly want to be there to greet them and make them feel welcome. We will want to introduce them to the other members. We want to express our desire to go to heaven, and the fact that we want others to go to heaven is our main goal. This, we know, is pleasing to God.
The Bible warns us that many will not care or listen to you about God and God's plan of salvation. But that is not supposed to discourage you and keep you from sharing your faith. That is the greatest thing you can share with anyone, so do not hold back.
What we will have in our Gospel Meeting is a spiritual feast. Our souls will be lifted up, we will be encouraged, and we would be happy to see another soul obey the gospel. The preacher will give us some ideas for our personal Bible study. Perhaps we will take the challenge of the Bereans, and study the Bible to see if the preachers words are in agreement with God's word.
Another thing that will be grand is the fact that we will come together and spend time with each other more times than usual in a week. Christians are the greatest people in the world, and we enjoy each others company.
We have sent invitations out to surrounding congregations and hope to meet and greet new friends and fellow Christians. To get to know them, and allow them to get to know us will bolster our confidence, and help us to feel like a part of something even bigger than what we normally experience.
So do your part and get the word out about our Gospel Meeting. Plan to be here each service, and be ready to greet visitors. Who knows, we just might impress them to want to return and join us in serving God in this community.
By Carey Scott

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