The Lord's Army
It seems like many of the songs we sang as children have lost their impact upon us grown ups. We should never forget that: Yes, Jesus loves me", and "I'm gonna let my light shine". I was thinking about the song that goes: I may never march in the infantry Ride in the cavalry Shoot the artillery I may never fly o'er the enemy But I'm in the Lord's army!
Are we in the Lord's army? From the looks of it, not very seriously. We read in Ephesians 6 that we are to put on the whole armor of God so that we can resist what Satan hurls at us. But most people ignore this. Paul said that our warfare is not by using physical weapons, but by fighting a spiritual battle. And this battle takes place every day, and seemingly never ends. This battle not only is between our flesh and spirit as we read in Galatians 5:16, but we are literally fighting a war for survival.
As we have seen recently, a man spoke what he believed about same-sex marriage, and there was a public outcry from many who I would consider anti-God. Sadly some of the so-called Christian leaders were also denouncing the expression of this man's faith. I thought that was covered under our Constitution, but even then, careful observers have warned there are forces trying to nullify that important document.
It has come to the point, that anyone who speaks what the Bible teaches is practicing hate speech. Oh, it is alright to publicly deride and denounce Christians, and call them every dirty name in the book, and claim their right to say so as protected by the 1st amendment. But to quote or read the bible subjects one to be arrested. This has happened in other countries, and it has also happened here in this country.
The Bible is a document many wish did not exist. Every sinner hates the Bible. Every person hates being told that their actions are sinful. Proverbs warns us that a rebuke of a fool will bring strong retribution.
We are in a war. Realize it or not, our battle is in fighting the Lord's cause, in the hope of helping people get to Heaven.
The forces of Satan have been battling a long time, and they are seasoned warriors against the church and against the truth. And they are winning this battle.
We just cannot sit back and hope that God will fight the battle for us. The lessons from the OT should tell us this fact. That only the faithful of God will be under His protection. It is time that we Christians stand up and be heard. We need to use the tools at our disposal to accomplish this.
Many of you are on Face-book. I challenge you to turn all your conversations into spiritual guidance for those who need Jesus and salvation. Do not be afraid to speak up for Christ. Do not be ashamed of Him, because He will be ashamed of you, and you cannot enter heaven if Christ is not proud of you.
By Carey Scott

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