The Death Of Our Nation
The newspapers have not reported it yet, but it seems nobody noticed when our nation died. Every nation on this earth that has ever existed has expired. Some have gone because of foreign powers overtaking them, and some because of internal takeovers. We had hoped that America would not fall to the same fate, but alas, it is almost too late to save it. America is on life support, and there is a great battle as to when to pull the plug. There are many Americans who are proud of this land, and who fought for our freedoms, but there are far too many more who do not care about that. There are so many people who do not respect the rule of law. There are so many who do not respect the documents upon which this great nation was framed. There are far too many people willing to reject their commitments. Marriages fail, parents abandon their children, people do not honor agreements to pay their debts, and there are far too many who refuse to respect authority of any kind. The sad thing about all this is that most people in this country just do not care. They are so wrapped up in their own personal lives that nothing or no one matters to them. They do not care if anyone gets hurt by their selfishness. They have rejected God and any doctrines of morality. They have devalued life so that children are murdered upon demand, and other children are shooting and killing kids at an alarming rate. And the only thing people are worried about is if Jennifer Lopez will have another wardrobe malfunction, or if Kim and Kris can work out their failed marriage. What went wrong?
Well, it started years ago when some people thought that God did not matter anymore. They tried to declare God dead, but there was a moral outcry about that. Yet the same people who offered this moral outcry, turned around and rejected the teachings of the Bible and GOD.
One of the very few things that our president said that I agree with is that America is not a Christian nation. With all the abominations taking place; the murders, the fornication, the greed, the hatred, etc, etc, etc. This nation does nothing that is Christian in nature.
Why do we have a drug problem? One reason is because there is money involved; a lot of money. A second reason is because people don't care that it is illegal, they want it anyway and will spend whatever it takes to get it. Society does not care about this, otherwise they would do something about it.
Whenever someone gets hurt, everyone expects the government to step in and fix the problems. More times than not, they are the problem. Thousands die each year because of drunk drivers. So why has that not been fixed? The reasons are the same as with drugs, there is lots of money involved, and people want it so much that they do not care if they hurt anyone or not.
Millions of people borrowed money to pay for college, and now they are asking congress to forgive their debt. They want everyone else to pay for their education. This goes for other entitlements and programs which were designed to eliminate poverty, but in turn enhanced it and more people are taking money from the American taxpayer, and demanding more all the time.
There is corruption in all levels of government, and even a long time ago, then president Grover Cleveland stated that corruption would exist only if the people tolerated it. Some cities in our land have a reputation of corruption in government.
People are here illegally. The few who have tried to enforce the laws of our land have been sued and threatened by our own government. Why has this problem continued? You guessed it, it all comes down to money and the greed that goes along with it. If millions of people can benefit by breaking the law, what will the rest of America do? They will break the law also, and then find some way to justify their actions.
What is a Christian to do? It is time to stop doing nothing and do something that could perhaps turn this mayhem around. This nation can be saved by people turning back to God and serving Him. When we look to the Bible and see how the nation of Israel acted, it is far too scary to see America in the same situation. The similarities are astonishing. We must be like the prophets of old telling people to seek the Lord and to follow His ways of life. Teaching men to humble themselves before God, and to be considerate of their fellow man. We do this one soul at a time. We make sure we ourselves are faithful, and we encourage others to be faithful to God. For in the end, it is God in whom our allegiance needs to abide in. Psalm 118:8 is the central verse in the Bible and carries a very central theme: "It is better to trust in God than in man". It is getting to the point that all we can do is to put our trust in God and pray that He will see to our welfare. Things will not change until you change the hearts of the people to seek after God and His teachings. When the people submit to God, then God will protect them. Everyone, please pray about this.
By Carey Scott

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