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People Are Dying
What should have been a happy occasion turned into chaos at the Boston marathon race and Patriots day festival. Little did the victims know that their lives would be changed so drastically. So far only three have been confirmed dead, which when you watch the video and the carnage that came through the camera lens, seems so amazing.
Then in the town of West, Texas, a fertilizer plant caught fire and there was a huge explosion. Early estimates are of many casualties. We also recognize that the victims were not planning on getting hurt or killed this day. Once again, lives were changed for the victims and their families.
Another news item showed where someone mailed some poisonous material to several government officials. Had this been successful, more people would have died.
We read every day about an accidental death, or an automobile incident where someone dies. We read in the newspaper and other sources where murders take place. There is a trial going on in Pennsylvania of a doctor that killed many babies soon after birth, or through a botched abortion where the child lived and was breathing on its own. Of course when you consider the murder of millions of babies, a few does not seem significant. I am sure the babies had a different perception than that.
Every day someone dies in the hospital operating room or waiting room. They die in their homes and at work. Do you detect a pattern about this article? Yes, people are dying! Most of those we hear about are of such a nature that indicates they were not ready to go. Some people have illnesses and disease where death ends a slow torture. Others die of natural causes, and some natural causes are killers (tornado's, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.).
The undeniable fact is that everyone is going to die a physical death. The Bible teaches that all people of accountability die a spiritual death as well (Romans 3:23 "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". Hebrews 9:27 reads: "for it is appointed for man once to die, and after this the judgment."
The best thing to think about is what our spiritual condition will be when that time comes when our life is over. Jesus spoke of two roads (Matthew 7:13-14); the broad way which leads to destruction and many will be found on it; or the narrow way that leads to eternal life. I read about a preacher giving an invitation and he made the point that the narrow way is so narrow; you cannot take your sins with you. You have to be rid of your sins so that you can go through that narrow way. Thankfully, Jesus paid the price to have your sins removed so that you can enter that narrow gate. In fact that only thing we can take from this life is our relationship with Jesus Christ.
If you are concerned about your soul, you should evaluate your condition and make changes now, before it is everlastingly too late. All those people mentioned that were ripped from the headlines were not expecting the end of their life so soon. I would hope that some of them were ready to meet their maker with clean lives, free from sin.
Since we are not guaranteed tomorrow (James 4:13-15), you must ask yourself if you are ready to meet your maker. You may be young, you may be old, but either way, you will die and you will stand before God in judgment (Romans 14:10; 2 Corinthians 5:10). So please get on the right pathway and live like you may die at any moment. We must be ready, and preparation for that readiness should begin now if you are not already doing so.
By Carey Scott

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