The Effects of Homosexuality Upon The Home and Society

Despite the lessons that we learn about humanity (God made a clear distinction between male and female) and marriage (one man and one woman for life) from Genesis 1-2, society continues to bombard us with the topic of homosexuality daily. Homosexuals are no longer in the closet. They are marching in major cities throughout our nation. The media continues to portray their lifestyle as normal. They are continuing to fight for the same marriage rights and even civil rights as heterosexual couples. In fact, while a few states are successful in establishing marriage definitions between man and woman, homosexual groups are slowly succeeding overall in winning passage of legislation toward their favor, led by legislators and governors who espouse their views. Episcopalians have elected gay bishops. There are now gay churches. There are “coming out” parties at Disney World every year.

It was not long after creation that rebellious man decided he did not want to restrict himself in his sexual activity. Only a few generations from Adam, Lamech, a descendant of Cain, determined that he would take a second wife (Genesis 4:18-24). Thus, the sexual revolution was underway, and over the past fifty years, we have observed the American landscape take drastic changes as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Notice how all of this has an undermining effect upon the home. The more that the homosexual community gains acceptance from society, the more it threatens our homes. The more our media presents it as normal behavior, the more it threatens our homes. The more our churches accept it as an approved lifestyle, the more it threatens our homes. The more our government endorses it with its legislature, the more it threatens our homes. The more that businesses grant their homosexual employees and their companions the same benefits as married heterosexual couples, the more it threatens our homes. The more that our schools present it to our children as “another kind of love,” the more it threatens our homes. In fact, our schools are no longer centers for education but institutions of social engineering.

For years, these things are having an effect upon us. They are desensitizing us, and we are not as bothered about it as we once were. For example, our television programs today contain common things that our society back in the 1950’s would consider pornographic in nature, and we hardly think anything about it at all! How did we ever reach such a state in which these things do not outrage us? We are getting used to them. This is exactly what the homosexual community is doing with our society over the past two decades, and it is working! Slowly, but surely, homosexual behavior is being legitimized, validated, accepted and approved.

We live in a world of cause and effect. Paul plainly declared, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23). If you choose to involve yourself in sin, there are wages to pay. No matter what the sin is, every person who commits sin has to pay some wages. Even if one repents of that sin, there still may be some consequences. The following things will happen in the life of a homosexual.

Homosexuality can lead to a debased lifestyle. God created us with the emotion to love and the need for love in return, but they are to be in the confines of the marriage union. When God made the animal kingdom, he made both male and female. When God made a helper for Adam to fulfill his need of loneliness, he did not make another male to be his friend, but a female to be his wife. Homosexuality robs the individual of the joy of the marriage relationship as God intended it. The same is true of adultery, fornication or any other sexual sin. One may try to state that homosexuals are happy and joyful people, but one study showed that only two percent have a semi-stable relationship. Thirty percent of homosexuals will have more than a thousand sexual partners in his lifetime. Friends, there is nothing happy and joyful in that. It is a debased lifestyle that will destroy the home and society in which we live by destroying the role and purpose of marriage. The truth that will never, ever change is that homosexual marriages cannot produce children as true marriages can, because homosexual relationships is against the very natural law of reproduction that God created (Genesis 1; cf. Romans 1:24-32). As a result, homosexuality is working as a self-destructing leach on society. Further, despite whatever claims they make, homosexuals cannot produce the proper environment for rearing children, because God designed humanity with a natural need for both father and mother (Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:1-2). Children reared by homosexuals will turn out to be just as self-serving and selfish as those who rear them. Not only that, but a pro-homosexuality movement also opens to the door to all sorts of other sexual perversions—pedophilia, bestiality and such like.

Homosexuality can lead to a diseased body. According to one book, 50% of homosexuals have contracted venereal disease. Have we forgotten so quickly the outbreak of AIDS? Countless millions upon millions around the globe have died of this malady. Published government studies reveal that of the cases of AIDS identified, 46% were homosexual men, another 25% were drug users who shared needles and 6% were homosexual men who also used contaminated needles. Of all the cases, a total of 11% were a result of heterosexual unions. In other words, these figures clearly indicate that a significant majority of those contracting and spreading this deadly plague are doing so recklessly by their immoral lifestyles. Ron Stall, one of the nation’s leading AIDS researchers, has been warning for years “that addictive psychosocial health problems—otherwise known collectively as a ‘syndemic’—exist among urban men who have sex with men” (“Association of Co- Occurring Psychosocial Health Problems & Increased Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among Urban Men who Have Sex with Men,” American Journal of Public Health, Volume 93, #6, June 2003, p. 941). For example, in 2003, his research team reported in the American Journal of Public Health that homosexual conduct in this population is associated with higher rates of multiple drug use, depression, domestic violence and a history of having been sexually abused as a child (Ibid., 940-42).

Homosexuality can lead to dangerous attitudes. It leads to anger and hatred. By and large, homosexuals are angry people—angry with us who speak the truth about the subject. They call us bigots and try to claim our rebellion against such as a hate crime, but the practice can lead to a dangerous attitude. Years ago, a pro-gay website published a list of heterosexual men and women who oppose homosexuality on religious or moral grounds and included a “wanted poster,” calling for “a horrible death by any means soon.” Please do not think anything other than the fact that those who constantly shout tolerance to the rest of the world are the most intolerant themselves. They violate the law whenever possible, because they continue to demonstrate a deep-seated desire for rebellion and anarchy—this is the ultimate conclusion to the position of the LGBT community. We need look no further than their attitude towards the authoritative word of God. Years ago, one homosexual Catholic bishop stated in Newsweek, “I’m gay, but it’s not the only thing I am. So I’m gay and the next priest over is Polish—so what? What matters is this—am I faithful, creative and godly?” (May 6, 2002, p. 25). Their dangerous attitude may manifest itself in declaring their love for God despite maintaining their perverted lifestyle.

Homosexuality can lead to a demanding spirit. They are purely motivated by nothing other than selfishness. Their spirit says, “We are going to do things our way. You have to accept us. We are right.” As a result, many politicians have bowed down to them and replied, “We will do whatever you say.” Truth be told, the advocacy groups and other organizations are using their money to bribe the votes of greedy politicians. Yet, not only do we need to deal with crooked politicians, but we need to also deal with weak theologians. Michael Swift, a leading activist and speaker for homosexuality, once said, “All laws banning homosexual activity will one day be revoked. All churches that condemn us will one day be closed. Our only gods are the gods of handsome young men.” Brethren, we are facing this type of agenda. Our public education system has demanded its teaching in our schools. Even elementary school libraries have books with the following titles: “Daddy’s Roommate,” “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “Gloria Goes to Gay Pride.” One interviewed 929 homosexual men with the following question: “Have you ever committed homosexuality with boys fifteen years of age or younger?” 240 said, “We have.” They cry out for the right to participate in foster care, and adopt children whenever they can.

In conclusion, do homosexuals have rights? Yes, they do—they have many rights as that which everyone else has. Let me tell you what rights they have. They have the right to come to the cross of Jesus Christ. They have the right to turn from their sin. They have the right to confess the name of Jesus Christ. They have the right to submit their lives and their will to the will of the Father through baptism in Christ for the remission of sins, thereby crucifying an old life and putting on a new life. They have the right for loving God, to reach out with loving arms and show what love is really about. They have the right to be accepted. We as Christians must not ever deny anyone the rights that God grants to those who would be his. Yes, we must hate all sin, but we must love every sinner, because the truth is, every one of us at one time was a sinner. As many in our world, we were sinking deep in sin, far from the peaceful shore, very deeply stained within, sinking to rise no more. Yet, Jesus, the master of the sea, heard our despairing cries, and from the waters lifted us to spiritual safety. Let us not deny the rights that belong to those of our world, who would turn their lives over to God, but let us continue to stand up and speak out against all that is wrong, especially against the sin of homosexuality!

By Unknown Author

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