We are told that the philosopher Socrates (or it might have been Junior Samples or Earnest P. World for that matter) said, Insanity is continuing to engage in the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome! It doesn't matter who said it. It is the kind of statement when you think about it that makes you say I knew that. So, let's think about it in the context of the insanity of sin.

Adam brought insanity into this world. Adam opened the door to sin, hence our claim (Romans 5:12). The problem is that the majority of humankind has not come to terms with this simple fact.

It should have come as no surprise to Adam and Eve that they were cast out of Eden. God Himself told them there would be consequences if they violated His commands (Genesis 3:3). Yet, they went ahead and violated God's command. The insanity began.

It does not take a rocket scientist to determine certain things. One can, with simple observation, come to understand that certain behavior elicits certain outcome. If one is cut, they bleed. If one falls from a twenty-story building and hits the pavement, they die. If someone steps in front of a speeding coal truck, their body will be mangled and broken. This is not hard to understand. Those with average intelligence know and act accordingly.

The behaviors we engage in are not so drastic as those mentioned. However, they bring about undesirable consequences all the same. In an effort to secure happiness, we choose behavior that brings momentary gratification. The Hebrew writer speaks of Moses's choice of behavior and the fact that he did not pick momentary gratification, "choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin," (Hebrews 11:25). Although he forfeited the present pleasure of sin, Moses gained everlasting joy unspeakable. Now, which do you suppose would have been the insane choice?

Our behaviors affect us both physically and physiologically. Drunkenness destroys the physical body and makes one paranoid of their surroundings. Sexual promiscuity inflicts upon the body all manner of diseases (some are yet to be discovered) and destroys self-esteem. Gossip, backbiting, railing, etc. are sins of the tongue that inflict such cruelty upon some that it makes them physically ill. It also destroys the self-esteem of those who are guilty of the sin. Much more could be said to illustrate this point, but we will stop with these.

Knowing these things, you would think people would cease from doing them. Alas, the behavior continues and so does the outcome. What is the answer? Do we think we can continue with the same behavior and get a different outcome? That is INSANITY!!!!!

By Glen Young

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