Attendance is Important!


It caused people to have confidence in me.
It was evidence that my spiritual welfare is very important to me.
It had a good effect on the gospel meeting.
It encouraged the brethren and helped the kingdom of Christ.
It made my life stronger for the next few days.
It removed stumbling blocks from the sinner’s path.
It pleased God, and I was happy that I went.
It caused others to say, “He practices what he preaches.”
It made the road to heaven easier to travel.


It made some question the reality of Christianity.
It made some think that I am not sincere.
It was evidence that I regard my spiritual welfare as a matter of little concern.
It weakened the effect of the gospel meeting.
It showed my rebellion against God and the elders.
It discouraged the brethren, and thereby robbed them of a blessing.
It caused others to stay away from the gospel meeting.
It encouraged the habit of missing services.
It made it harder to resist the temptations of the devil.
It made it harder to get to heaven.

By Jason Hilburn
(Adapted by TEB)

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