To Go, or Not To Go?

To quote Shakespeare (sort of): ‘To go, or not to go? That is the
question!’ At least, that is the question that seems to vex some

Specifically, we have in the mind the matter of attending all the
services of the church. Seems the folks we have in mind are forever
in turmoil about whether or not they will be present for Bible studies
and worship services. If the weather is bad, they struggle to decide
if they should ‘brave the elements’ and come. (Usually they decide it
is simply ‘too bad’ to get out, even if there is nothing more than the
threat of inclemency.) If they have an ache or pain, they wrestle
with whether or not to ‘tough it out’ and go or stay home. (Usually
they give in to even the slightest symptoms.) If there is an
inconvenience with their schedule, or if there is some trouble
arranging transportation, or if there is some conflict with other
plans – for any and all of these reasons (and more), they will easily
surrender any effort to attend. In fact, an unbiased observer would
be inclined to conclude that they are actually looking for reasons not
to come, rather than making a real and concerted effort to be in

Thankfully, there are good and faithful brothers and sisters who are
fully determined to be present every time the doors are open. They
‘go the extra mile’ to be at all the services. Weather conditions,
minor ailments, inconveniences, and scheduling conflicts will not stop
them. They’re thinking is this: If they can ‘get out’ to their other
appointments, irregardless of these difficulties, then they can
certainly ‘get out’ to worship God and to study His Word. Others who
know them and observe their example are encouraged to see their love
and dedication for the Lord.

‘To go, or not to go?’ That question should have been settled in your
mind a long time ago. ‘Yes, I will go’ should be your answer. There
should be no debate in your mind – your commitment was made when you
obeyed the gospel, and now you are just following through with what
you promised when you confessed your faith in the Lord. Think!

- by Greg Gwin

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