Basic Bible Lessons For Beginners

Let's start by offering a prayer.

Dear Lord, As we try to learn about You and Your commandments, may we seek the truth in all things. May we look upon the word of the Bible as our authority that comes from you. May our hearts be receptive to Your truth, and may we have the courage to change our lives when we are shown the truth. May we be honest and sincere in this study. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

We should always begin Bible Study with prayer. What we learn DOES have an effect upon our souls.

This index page is designed to inform. Here, we will learn the basic truths of God's word. We will answer several questions that most beginners have and want answers to.

Many people get discouraged and quit Bible study because they do not understand the terminology. Hopefully we can open up your mind to wisdom and knowledge.

What Do All Those Religious Words Mean?

A Study Of Bible Words

Our souls eternal destiny is dependant upon our actions in this life. Nothing can be done after we die, therefore it is important and also urgent that we learn as much about God and His Bible as we can in the short time we have here on this earth.

Walking In Newness Of Life
A Bible Study Course Designed For The New Christian

Here are some things about the Bible we hope will help you.

  1. Bible Authority
  2. The Bible Only
  3. What About The Bible?
  4. The Precious Bible
  5. Where Did The Bible Come From?
  6. Becoming Acquainted With Your Bible
  7. Meditating On God's Word
  8. How Do We Know We Have The Bible?
  9. How Did We Get Our Bibles? (a series of 8 lessons)
  10. What Is The Bible?
  11. Why We Differ In Interpretation
  12. The Bible Speaks For Itself
  13. Let's Read The Bible
  14. How To Study The Bible
  15. Some Rules For Bible Study
  16. Inductive Bible Study
  17. Basic Rules For Understanding The Bible Alike
  18. Helpful Hints For Bible Study And Understanding
  19. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study#1
  20. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study #2
  21. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study #3
  22. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study #4
  23. The 15 Divisions Of The Bible
  24. Bible Study
  25. The Unbreakable Book
  26. Bible Facts
  27. More Bible Facts
  28. How We Learn From The Bible Part One
  29. How We Learn From The Bible Part Two
  30. How We Learn From The Bible Part Three
  31. How We Learn From The Bible Part Four
  32. How We Learn From The Bible Part Five
  33. The A,B,C's Of Bible Study
  34. 10 Reasons For Bible Study
  35. 8 Rules For Bible Study
  36. Bible Study
  37. What Bible Study Will Do For You
  38. Bible Study Tips
  39. Bible Study
  40. Is Obedience To God's Will Necessary?
  41. Is The Bible Sufficient?
  42. The Value Of Bible Study
  43. Some Things You Should Know
  44. Fundamentals Of The Faith
  45. Becoming Acquainted With Your Bible

Here are some simple Articles and Sermon Outlines that teach basic truths about the Bible and your Salvation

  • God's Plan Of Salvation
  • What Must I Believe?
  • In Pursuit Of The Right Church
  • Has God Already Chosen The Saved?
  • Must I Do Anything To Be Saved?
  • What Is The Purpose Of The Church?
  • Can I Believe In God?
  • Is My Faith Mine?
  • What Is A Christian?
  • Six Searching Questions
  • What Must I Do To Be Saved
  • Local Church Membership
  • Why Are They So Many Different Churches?
  • The Steps Of Salvation
  • Here are some links to some websites that offer very basic Bible studies

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